Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

- We didn't come here to live from social help, and we never lived that way. Most people think that if you have many children you are on the edge of existence. But we are not, thanks for your concern - Tamara said

Tamara Perovic from Belgrade is a proud mom of 4, wife and a journalist which happens to be from Crna Trava, and she came to Jagodina. They decided to go to this city because it was the combination of everything needed for a six-member family, and without being Belgrade, which was expensive for them.

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She writes in the blog "How to survive in Jagodina" about her adaptation in this city. Tamara calls herself a "newcomer", and the numerous comments her family meets:

- Always that question "How come you came to Jagodina". And then there are assumptions. Almost always incorrect. They don't understand: "But where did you get the idea that the life is good in Jagodina", "How is it possible that you came to this place and you don't kn0w anyone". There are people who will praise and who will say bad things about any place. That is not just for Jagodina. That is the case everywhere. Those who don't like it will always be louder. And, as the rule goes, those people will always stay in those places - wrote Tamara.

In the talk for "Telegraf", she revealed the answers that are "troubling" her fellow citizens.

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- We have chosen Jagodina because the media picture of Jagodina gave us the impression that it is nice for children here. We didn't know anyone. We had no acquaintances, let alone friends, relatives. My question is: "Why do you have to have anyone in the city where you live?" - said Tamara.

However, the statements of certain people are shocking the most.

- The most hideous constatation for me is this:  You must have some deal with the municipality if you came here and you brag out loud. To make something clear, our family has nothing to do with politics, nor we have any deals with politicians, nor are the politicians getting some points with us. We didn't come here for children benefits given by Jagodina municipality. And the other thing, only children born in Jagodina can get that money. Our children aren't even born in Jagodina - explained Tamara Perovic.

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- We didn't come here to live from social help, and we never lived that way. Most people think that if you have many children you are on the edge of existence. But we are not, thanks for your concern. We have found jobs, both husband and me. Then there is a comment, you have found work and I have been waiting for a job for years? I will reveal a secret: don't wait, search for it! - said Tamara.

At first, she was amazed at the amount of evilness. She told us that people thought that the politician Dragan Markovic Palma invited them, that they received an apartment from the city.

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- That is not true, we don't need anyone to give us things. We just need to have normal living conditions, to have jobs to feed our children, for them to go into normal schools. All people want that - she said.

The proud mom doesn't hide the fact that they draw attention on the street, and the main question about the children is: All they all yours? The people of Jagodina just smile and they add "well done" or "bravo".

This family only has the words of praise for Jagodina, because it is calm, there are a lot of advantages for children and their future: High schools, faculties, and it is cheaper than the capital.

Tamara's husband quickly found a job, and she searched for something that she liked - to write.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

She told us that their first pupil was welcomed in school with great joy. All of the friends helped him to fit in, and the teacher tried to make up with the lost lessons.

- We easily completed the transfer from one school into another, we have finished everything regarding books, because he was using the different published in the old school. Everybody helped. And when the child receives such support from the start, it is impossible to dislike the school and the new environment - she said.

For the end, Tamara concluded that they are happy in Jagodina and they are not paying attention to the mean comments.

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