A terrible tragedy in Macedonia: Parents took out children out of the bus of death, everything smelled of oil, and this is the cause of it (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A serious accident happened around 18:00 on the highway Skopje-Tetovo when a full bus of the company "Durmo Tours" flew off the road near the village Laskarci and it rolled over

A bus flew off the highway in Macedonia and it rolled over to its roof. 14 people have died, and more than 30 people were injured. Five people are in critical conditions.

The driver of the bus explained how the crash happened in which the journalist Dea Djurdjevic was injured

The bus was transporting 50 passengers from Skopje to Gostivar, and it crashed through the protective fence, it crossed to the opposite side of the highway, and then it flew off the road.

Minister of health revealed the details 

Macedonian minister of health Venko Filipce told the reporters that 7 people died on the spot who were in the bus, and seven more died in the Skopje City Hospital "8 September".

Foto: Tanjug/AP

A serious accident happened around 18:00 on the highway Skopje-Tetovo when a full bus of the company "Durmo Tours" flew off the road near the village Laskarci and it rolled over.

Filipce said in the statement, which he gave in the hospital, that 25 people were transported to the hospital. 22 people remained in the hospital for further treatment, adding that 4 of them were placed at the intensive care department, while 3 of the people were discharged, reports Index.hr.

There are five patients in the Clinical Hospital "Mother Teresa", three of which suffered light injuries, and one of them is pregnant. One person is fighting for its life, and one is prepared for the surgery, said the Macedonian minister of health.

The cause of the accident: The flat tire

According to the witnesses, and the media from the scene, the accident occurred when a tire burst, which caused the driver to lose control and he went to the opposite side of the road, he broke through the fence and the rolled over into the abyss.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The youngest victim was 25 years old 

According to them, the police is trying to find out the identities of the dead, there are no children among the dead people.

- The driver is conscious and the police took the statement - said Venko Filipce.

A large number of firefighters and medical teams participated in the rescue of the passengers, and the ambulances were sent to the spot from Skopje, even the private hospitals took part, Sistina, Neuromedika and Ramedika.

Parents took out the children from the crushed bus 

One father told us how he rescued the son from the rolled bus.

- I took him out myself. He has called me and he said that he doesn't know what has happened, that they had an accident - he said.

He said that he immediately went from Gostivar to the place of the accident when his son called him.

- It was terrible - added the man briefly. He has brought his son to the emergency room on the clinic of Mother Teresa, where he had surgery.

Eyewitness: Oil could be felt, people were crying, it was terrible

As the eyewitnesses said, the scene was terrible, the locals helped the passengers until the emergency services arrived.

- The locals were the first who came there. There were no children, everybody was adults. We have cut the bus in order to save people. We have heard crying, it was terrible - said the president of the local community in the statement for Telma, reports Vecer.

- We took around 25 people to the hospitals in private cars. We were afraid that the bus will explode because everything smelled of oil - he added.


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