Teme: Letter

A boy killed himself over bad grades, the doctors spent the entire night with the pregnant mother, they were afraid she will lose the unborn baby

I will miss your jokes, your craziness, and even our quarrels with each passing day: Sadness and love are echoing in the poem of the brother of Gojko who died

A scandal in the Gymnasium in Danilovgrad: They are sending away a professor because of Cyrillic

Stefan (16) taught a lesson to his generation with his essay: We becoming dumb with modern technology and we don't know how to live! (PHOTO)

Dalibor didn't want to kill himself, the device exploded by accident: Unexpected twist in the case of thrown bomb at the embassy of USA

WE HAVE 3 BULLETS FOR YOU: Greek Foreign Minister received death threats due to negotiations with Macedonia over the name

A Serb from Canada is asking for advice about moving to Serbia: He got such a brutal answers that he won't be coming here for vacation for some time

Bosnian made us laugh with his photos, and now he wrote a letter to his daughter before the wedding which made everybody cry

Letter of a high school girl slapped the region: You would give us knives and riffles to kill each other, like you did 20 years ago

Shocking letter from a twin of a sick boy: Help my brother Milan, so i can fulfill my promise (PHOTO)

Even Njegos would support me: Slavko has enormous braid, he twist on the podium and represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest (VIDEO)

Unprecedented scandal in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Someone opened the forbidden letter from the Hague, expected emergency conference

Girl from Kragujevac slept with all men in the village: It is unreal what she takes for compensation instead of money!

PUTIN WROTE TO NIKOLIC: Strategic character of partnership confirmed (PHOTO)

He set social networks on fire: You will be speechless when you see what did five year old ask from Santa

LETTER OF BITTER MAN FROM SARAJEVO SHOOK BALKAN: He is tired of wars, nationalism, lies and promises

Milica was abandoned in 1994 in the MIDDLE OF STREET by her mother, and 22 years later a message came that made her cry! (PHOTO)

I KILLED ANA AND FULFILLED HER WISH: The content of the letter of father who murder his daughter then himself was revealed!

MY SPIRIT WILL FLY OVER YOU AND OUR CHILD: A farewell letter of a Serb hanged in the city of Sarajevo even though it was illegal!

APPLY IMMEDIATELY: On this beautiful island close to Serbia they offer a job, minimum wage 1400 Euro

NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED CONFESSION OF NIKOLA TESLA: How Croats destroyed my home and expelled me from my hearthstone! (PHOTO)

TODAY I KILLED A MAN WHO WAS DEAR TO SOMEONE: This letter shook the whole former Yugoslavia

Tomislav Nikolic wrote to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of the Resolution on Srebrenica!

THE LAST TESLA'S LETTER TO HIS MOTHER: Please mother, pray for me over there!