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Bosnian made us laugh with his photos, and now he wrote a letter to his daughter before the wedding which made everybody cry

He left an emotional message in his letter that she will never forget

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Emir Tica from Travnik became famous around the region a few weeks ago as a man who likes to travel and who has an interesting hobby, he takes a photo next to interesting boards with the names of the places he visits and so far, he has published several hundred photos on Instagram. He is in the center of public attention once again and for a very lovely reason. He wrote a letter to his daughter where he expressed everything a father feels when his daughter is getting married. 

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When my daughter got married, she told me that I had to be quiet that day. We are connected in our special way and she didn't want to cry when I walked her. I accepted, but under the condition that I write her a letter when she starts going to her new home. And that's how it was - said Emir for Index whose letter made the entire region cry.

We are presenting the entire letter to you:

"Oh, my child... The moment came for which I knew it would ever since that late November night when you were born... And it's not as I imagined it from time to time in the past twenty-one years.

What I was trying to say, something clever... And I tried to say all these years...

Foto: Facebook/Emir Tica

When you fell down in the little dress in front of the building and you hit your knees... You cried a little and I cheered for you and encouraged you to push on... And when I promised a chocolate cake as a gift if you manage to keep quiet for two minutes... And you said after half a minute, with eyes wide open, that you can't keep quiet because your eyes will fall out... 

When they gave you a doll in the kindergarten so they could take a picture of you, you held it so clumsy, I knew that when you grew up, you will be skilled for other things...

And we did it... and when you give injection shots, and when you take selfies and when you drive a diesel car, you are doing great. And they hated me so much when they saw that I bought a large beer for my sixteen-year-old daughter.

And I just wanted to show you that bad guys will try to ambush you now that you are grown up. And they waited enough, I know, but they didn't catch you. Daddy's school.

Foto: Pixabay

And the fights we had. We were fighting occasionally all these years, and there was never a winner in those fights because both you and I are equally barking... And then people would look at us with amazement when we would start laughing after the fight realizing that we are not the same, but we are similar, so similar that sometimes it hurts. 

And now, the day has arrived... The moment came for which I knew it would ever since that late November night when you were born. And all the clever things I had to say so far, I did.

You are leaving the nest into your own independent life. And I have nothing new to say to you but I can repeat some things.

Next time when you fall, I may not be there to give you my hand, but, gather strength and get up.

When someone asks you to be quiet next time... Take the same chocolate cake, and hit him in the middle of the face, shake your hands and say loudly "NO". 

When some new rascals try to ambush you, remember what your old man explained to you, what the middle finger does.

Foto: Facebook/Emir Tica

And know this... Some may say that you are clumsy and that you don't have skills, that you are like this or that... Let the jealous people go to suffer in their stupidity and envy, lift your head up high and walk by with your man by your hand... Don't let their sorrows touch you because they themselves don't know what to do with it.

And don't make shortcuts. Never make shortcuts... I know, you say that you never do it... Don't do it...

Your old man will say one more truth. The shorter way was never quicker. And it never will be.

And never stop for anything. And wait... and look down... Always look in front of you and go forward and up... And if you have to start barking again like I once taught you then start barking. Always make your presence known. 

And about the man you chose... You know what I will say. Talk. Always and constantly... About everything... Never keep quiet with him because silence is not an integral part of love. Silence is an integral part of the sadness.

Foto: Pixabay

If sometimes... By accident... For some unknown reason... Sometimes... You become silent... Make sure to be quiet together. And that it lasts shortly.

And so you know... When we traveled all these years together, I told you that the best part of the travel is actually coming back.

Now, wherever you go you will have a place to return. When you go down, coming here to see me will be returning home. When you come here, going down will be returning home... You managed to turn a dream into life. 

Go forward, my child. And remember your mom and your old father sometimes"...


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