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A Serb from Canada is asking for advice about moving to Serbia: He got such a brutal answers that he won't be coming here for vacation for some time

The comments started pouring in when they read the letter. They started judging this man. Starting from the way he wrote and up to enormous expenses for beer and cigarettes

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There is a letter on the webpage reddit.com of the Serb who has been living in Canada for many years and now he wants to move to Serbia. That started an avalanche of commentsDispleased with living in Canada, he presented his reasons for returning to Serbia. He described how his life looks life and he asked for advice of his countrymen on what could he do in Belgrade.

CIA is offering 160.000 dollars a year, you just have to know the Serbian language! There is only one condition you have to fulfill!

He said that his expenses in Canada are around 2.600 euros, that he and his wife make around 2.000 euros per month, which is not logical because it turns out that he spends more than what he makes.

The comments started pouring in when they read the letter. They started judging this man. Starting from the way he wrote and up to enormous expenses for beer and cigarettes, because he himself is judging the people in Serbia who "sit in the cafe shop until 2 in the afternoon and they drink beer on Monday". 

- Said the man who is giving 800 dollars per month on beer and cigarettes - they ironically answered. 

I wouldn't like to be that guy, but I find it difficult to believe that you live in Canada. You speak Serbian and you are using slang a bit too well for a person who went across 25 years ago - some of the comments.

Foto: Wikimedia/Jared Grove

This is the entire letter: 

- Let me ask you here, as much as I can see, there are mostly Liberals here, and I am sick of the opinions of others. I have been living in Canada since '93, my parents came when there was some sh*t, I spent summers in Serbia, Montenegro, every year, you know the story.

I and my wife (Canadian) are now thinking about moving to Serbia. The life here is not good for us, I am not speaking about -25 degrees, it is hard to get by, we both have faculty degrees (I have one from f*cking social science, and she from the economy). She has been 5 times to Serbia, she likes it very much. She would rather go to Italy or Spain, but she doesn't have papers, so there is Serbia for now.

She has some job, I myself don't know what she is doing, something about insurance, I don't understand that sh*t. I became a craftsman. I worked in various offices before that, and in a bank.

What are the chances of finding a job in Belgrade? If we take into consideration that we both have a working license for Serbia. What are the wages? What industry has the best conditions? We are both fluent in the English language, I am also fluent in Serbia (at least people tell me that). She has some experience with some kind of finances, I have some experience in banking and management. I would like to continue working on my crafts, but, as far as I can see, the wages are miserable in our country for that, so I am looking for other choices (if any).

Before people start sh*tting on me that I should sit here and to be quiet and to enjoy Canada, I will add - our apartment is 1.500 a month (two rooms, 100 square meters), we spend 600 a month in a supermarket. 200 on beer, 600 on smokes, transport (one car and public transport) 600 (without counting the fuel - which is really cheap here 1.20$ for a liter) 400-500 a month. One meal in a restaurant, 80 for two people minimum. The wages are around 3.000 a month.

I have an apartment in New Belgrade.

So, please, tell me what kind of conditions are that, and please don't bore me that life here is awesome and whatnot, I live here, I know what's it like, I have an idea about situation in Serbia, we will return easily of it's really bad as they say, while they sit in the cafe shop until 2 PM and they drink beer on Monday - written in the letter of the bitter Serb from Canada.

Printskrin: Google Maps, Profimedia

- Someone is lying here, income is 3.000 and they have expenses of 4.000 - those who think that this is a lie. 

- If you can come to live in Serbia with that wage you would have an extra life, but the ratio of our good wages (400-500 euros a month) and that kind of expenses in Serbia, you would end up the same, if you manage to find the job in reasonable time.

- Besides more tame climate, if you are not coming with money to open a cafe shop and you don't really know what you are going to do with yourself, I don't think that it will be better for you here.

- Stop drinking beer, eating in restaurants, smoking...

- Man, you are talking about life changes and moving to another part of the world, and you are asking here for experiences - they answered.

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