Teme: Mafia

The mysterious death of Vladimir Vidakovic in Colombia: The narco-mafia applied the "receipt of death", first they lured him, and then finished him? (PHOTO)

A mafia murder in Belgrade which lasted one minute: The murderer got close to Vlada Pop, and one little thing reveals the executor (PHOTO)

New attack on a lawyer: A molotov cocktail thrown into the office, everything burned in a fire

Video of the spectacular action where Montenegrins were arrested with 20 tons of hashish

Shooting in Belgrade: A man was murdered with 7 shots from a moving vehicle, the son of the victim was at the scene (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The bitter fates of all 12 godfathers of Luka Bojovic: They butchered, murdered, and then they ended up even worse

MAFIA SHOWDOWN IN BELGRADE: A man was shot, a masked attacker fired 15 rounds through the windscreen of a jeep (PHOTO)

Death in the bastion of the Balkan mafia, Mitrovica is a black hole: How the Germans are writing about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic (PHOTO)

He was a danger to the entire clan, he "had" to be killed: Ivan Ciric was liquidated and they left a well-known signature

Monstrous liquidation of Albanian boss: Terrible stories how he brutally tortured girls to force them into prostitution

He approached the Albanian king of prostitution, took out the magnum and shot him in the head! And then said - THREE WORDS IN SERBIAN (PHOTO)

Investigation about the liquidation of drug-boss the entire Balkan is talking about: Vendetta scheduled in December 2015?

One of the main bosses of Albanian mafia and a pimp has been killed: He has been shot dead with a bullet in the head on overcrowded beach (PHOTO)

Details of the murder in Nis: Sicilian liquidation on Vespa, a search is underway (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The crew of the leader of football supporters brutally beat up a mobster (VIDEO)

"SMILEY MAFIA" ARRESTED IN BELGRADE: Watch what the police found (VIDEO)

THE NINETIES ARE BACK: 3 car bombings in 7 days! Who's killing in Belgrade? (PHOTO)

SHOCKING: A world without cancer is possible, but world pharmaceutical mafia hides it! (VIDEO)

STROGO POVERLJIVO: Nova iznenađenja iz kompanije "2K Games"

UMETNOST! Pogledajte GTA V trejler u "Battlefield 3" fazonu (VIDEO)

ZAŠTO STARO, KADA MOŽE NOVO: "Mafia 3" se priprema za sledeću generaciju konzola