The mysterious death of Vladimir Vidakovic in Colombia: The narco-mafia applied the "receipt of death", first they lured him, and then finished him? (PHOTO)

The autopsy will show the detailed cause of death

Vladimir Vidakovic from Pancevo (30), brother of the murdered Milos Vidakovic, was found dead in Medellin in Colombia, Novosti reports.

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He was identified in one of the local hospitals on the basis of a document of Serbia that was on his behalf. His brother Milos was killed in 2013 in Budva, and this case was consolidated in the process of liquidation of Nikola Bojovic.

The Colombian media reported the "suspicious death of a Serb tourist". The news from the Serbian police claims that there are suspicions that he was killed with a strong dose of narcotics. Inspectors in Colombia are investigating how Vidakovic has died exactly. An autopsy was performed and the results were pending. This man from Pancevo, as well as his brother who was murdered several years before in Budva, is well known in Serbian police. He was connected with drugs smuggling and other criminal acts.

- There were operational data that Vladimir Vidakovic, after the death of his brother, has spread the drugs business, and that he even has the lab where he grows marijuana in Spain - said the source from the police.

He went to Columbia to allegedly organize the transport of cocaine to Europe. That channel worked for several months.

Foto: Facebook/Vladimir Vidaković

So far, there are suspicions that Vidakovic was killed by competition. It is believed that the "receipt of death" was applied, just like with the murder of Nenad Opacic. He was lured in, and then he was given the deadly dose of narcotics. The circumstances of Vidakovic's death are still investigated.

Foto: Reprint

It is interesting that the Vidakovic brothers were famous in Montenegro police, not just by being friends with athletes and singers, but for many criminal acts that they were connected to.

Brutal attacks on police officers are in their files.

Milos Vojinovic and Slavisa Novakovic, members of the criminal group of Milos Delibasic, are sentenced to many years in prison for Milos' death. There was a trial for this liquidation in the same procedure as the murder of Nikola Bojovic. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Novosti)

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