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A mafia murder in Belgrade which lasted one minute: The murderer got close to Vlada Pop, and one little thing reveals the executor (PHOTO)


The attackers weren't masked, they were just dressed in jackets and big scarves

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Vladimir Popovic, also known as Vlada Pop (43), is a construction investor and a man close to Luka Bojovic and Skaljar Clan, was murdered on Saturday evening, around 22:00, in front of a cafe on Zvezdara.

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

The way of execution itself and the evidence found on the crime scene reveal a lot.  

Foto: Telegraf

Two men stormed into a club in the street Vojvode Supljikca and they wounded Vlada Pop. One other young man was wounded in the general chaos (23). According to the first information, it was said that the attackers wore masks, however, they only had jackets and scarfs. One of the attackers took Pop out of the club, while the other watched over the other guests and got the back of the murderer.

- The eyewitnesses state that the shooting lasted for a minute. They add that Popovic was lying on the ground when the murderer got close to his face and told him something. Then he took the shot and killed him on the sidewalk - said our source close to the investigation.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The police presume that the attackers knew Popovic well and that those are not professional killers.

The attackers fled the crime scene in a black "Audi", the favorite car of the mafia used in the nineties. 

Foto: Informer

Video: Prisoner of the Nis Penitentiary was killed in the middle of the day while doing public work. 


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