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Video of the spectacular action where Montenegrins were arrested with 20 tons of hashish

Italian media reported that the ship with drugs was sailing under the Panama flag

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Italian police have posted a video of an international campaign in which 11 Montenegrins were arrested on one ship, allegedly members of the notorious Skaljar clan. In this action, 20 tons of cannabis were seized and it is estimated that the value is around 200 million euros. 

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

According to the newspaper, the following people were arrested: Marko Borozan, Ugljesa Kovacevic, Vladimir Zivkovic, Srdjan Matijevic, Stanko Tomicic, Ljubomir Bakocevic, Milan Kovacevic, Dragoljub Mrgudovic, Vladimir Lipovina, Bozidar Barovic and Velimir Latkovic.

Italian media report that the ship with drugs was sailing under the Panama flag.

It is supposed that the arrested Montenegrins loaded hashish upon arriving in Marocco, and the ship that transported the drugs to Libya was stopped in Italian territorial waters. 

- Two tons of hashish were discovered at first, and then there was a more thorough search of the ship, which lasted several days, and 18 more tons were discovered. 20 tons of hashish were seized in total - said Enis Bakovic, head of the Criminal Police Department.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vijesti)

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