Assassinations in Banja Luka with the signature of the mafia: These murders shook the city and each one is more brutal than the last

None of them are solved

Banja Luka was shaken with many liquidations with the signature of mafia which weren't solved, the ones who ordered them are unknown, and the ones who performed them. 

Bloodshed in northern Serbia: A man shot his wife in the chest and then in his head

Triple homicide, when Banja Luka businessman Slavisa Krunic, his companion and assailant were killed two nights ago, shocked the entire public.


The killers waited for Krunic in front of the entrance to the family estate in the place Jablan near Trn, and then they shot many hits at his vehicle. The source from the investigation reveals that the ambush was from two different sides. The attackers were waiting for the car with Krunic in it, and then they shot several bursts.

Besides Krunic, the worker of his security Zarko Pavlovic from Pale, and the attacker Zeljko Kovacevic, were murdered.

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- It is obvious that it was the prepared assassination of Slavisa Krunic. The exact number of the attackers and the type of weapons will be known after the investigation - said the source close to the investigation for Srpskainfo.

They used armor-piercing weapons for the murder of Slavisa Krunic. The source of the investigation states that the murderers walked to the estate of Krunic, while an accomplice waited for them several hundred meters away from the crime scene. Many dozens of ammo shells were found on the scene.

Sentenced criminals Emilo Baldo and Goran Milanovic were marked as direct perpetrators of the murder of Slavisa Krunic and his bodyguard Zarko Pavlovic.

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The warrant was issued for the third accomplice Benedije Djukanovic, while the fourth accomplice Zeljko Kovacevic was killed in the exchange of fire. According to the criminal record, Baldo and Milanovic are known as persons convicted of more serious crimes.

Una-Sana Canton Police (USK) arrested the brothers Culum - Armin and Nermin from Sanski Most because they are linked to the murder of Krunic.  Armin Culum, known as Boki, is known to police agencies all over Europe, as well as his brother Nermin.


Damir Ostojic was killed on September 5 last year near the family house in Banja Luka. The investigation found that the killer had waited for Ostojic to slow down the car, and then he shot the burst.

Ostojic's wife, Sandra Josic, was injured in the attack. Stefan Samardzija (24) from Pale is suspected that, on the night of the murder, he drove the murderer to the house of Damir Ostojic Siljan, and after the murder, he drove him away to the forest in the suburb Gornja Piskavica, where another accomplice was waiting for them.


In addition, Samardzija is charged with stealing the car "Skoda Octavia" before the murders in the area of Sarajevo, according to the investigation against Paljanin, to which Srpskainfo had insight.


At the beginning of October 2015, Nebojsa Cubrilovic (33), who was convicted for drug trafficking, was killed in Banja Luka's Gunduliceva Street.

The killer waited for him in the yard to park the car, and when he came out, he fired three shots in his back and then fled in an unknown direction. This case has not been solved to date.


Jasmin Imsirovic (48), called Zabin, from Banja Luka, was killed on April 21, 2013, after midnight in an ambush in front of his building where he lived in the suburb Kocicev Vijenac. The neighbors heard curse words in front of the building around 2:30: "Police, police!", and two shots were fired soon after. Imsirovic was killed from two shots, in the heart, and in the chest.

The murderer waited for Imsirovic in front of the building entrance, and it was discovered during the investigation that he had an accomplice who waited for him in the car. The murder is unsolved.


Rusko Pajic from Banja Luka was killed on February 21, 2010, in front of a cottage in the Cokorski Field near Banja Luka. Pajic's lifeless body was found in a car "Peugeot" parked in front of the cottage.

The investigation found that the killer waited for Pajic to park the car, and then shot at it. Pajic's lifeless body was found by his sister, almost 16 hours after the murder.


Milan Vukelic, an engineer from Banja Luka, a father of four children, was killed in a car bomb blast on November 6, 2007, at about 20.20 in the Starcevica suburb in Banja Luka.

The killer, or several of them, placed under the Vukelic's gray "Ford Fiesta" 800 grams of TNT, which was activated by the remote control, at the moment when the car was passing by a hotel near the seat of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republika Srpska and the elementary school "Branko Radicevic".


The cause of the death of 14-year-old boy Ahmed Hidic, a pupil of the elementary school "Dositej Obradovic", whose body was found at the bottom of the quarry near Doboj, is still determined by the investigation. 

From the moment of this tragedy, which hit Doboj, numerous speculations have appeared, and one of them is that the boy allegedly fell due to epilepsy, which his parents deny.

Boy's parents are bitter at school and the principal, no one has contacted them from that facility till today. Besides, if it wasn't for the school's omission, there would be no tragedy. 

- The child did not leave the school due to a headache, as it is said, but due to stomach problems. But, if the child is leaving the school due to sickness, the parents must be informed, which didn't happen in this case. If they called the wife to come to pick up the son, this wouldn't have happened - considers the boy's father Almedin Hidic.

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An autopsy of the body of the injured Ahmed was performed at the Pathology Department of the General Hospital "Holy Apostle Luke" in Doboj

- The minor bled to death. He has torn lungs, spleen and liver, and broken pelvis and left leg. These injuries, life-threatening, are the result of falling from great heights - confirmed Ljubomir Curkic for Dnevni Avaz.

Similarities with David Dragicevic

The father of a tragically deceased boy does not hide doubts, that someone might have harmed his son. He will patiently wait for the police to do their job.

- There are doubts everywhere. I have been following the case of David Dragicevic, some things match. I know my child, he had no reason to do that, I have given everything he wanted in life - said the father of the boy.

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