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They had a fight and forgot a child: A baby "left" on the street


A boy (2) left the apartment, the parents were not in it

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Two-year-old boy, who was found wandering alone on a Monday evening in Belgrade suburb Visnjica, ended up on the street when the parents had a fierce fight

There are more and more divorces in Serbia each year, this is the main reason for failed marriages

According to Informer, the mother said that she had a fierce fight with her husband, and she left the house, leaving the child with the father.

- It was later determined that the father left the apartment and the children were left alone. The boy probably left on the street alone and he started to wonder until some people found him in the street of Marshal Tito in Visnjica. The search for the father still continues. It was determined by a detailed investigation that the child wasn't abused, but no one was taking care of him - said the interlocutor of Informer.

Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic visited a two-year-old boy Wednesday.

- Thanks to the Social welfare center, the child will be placed into the foster families as soon as possible - announced Djordjevic.

VIDEO: It looks like these are role models to parents. While you are watching this fight, know that indirect participant is a small child 


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