The first child has been discovered and there is evidence that it was stolen: A boy born in Krusevac 38 years ago was proclaimed dead, and now he is searching for his parents

All women who gave birth on that day in Krusevac hospital and who were told that their child has died should answer. It will make the search a lot easier

The Government's Commission for Missing Baby Cases and the Association "For Truth and Justice for Babies" came to the first child for whom, as Radisa Pavlovic sad of "Novosti", a member of the Commission and president of the Association, there is concrete evidence that he was stolen as a baby. It's about a man who was adopted at some point.

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- The adoptee came to seek help from me and the deputy of the association of Milanka Momcilovic in order to find out who are his parentsWhen we started to search and we realized that a woman who is listed as his mother - doesn't exist! Two register services confirmed that a woman under that name, last name, that information, doesn't exist - said Pavlovic.

It was clear that the father doesn't exist because there are two birth dates. In the first there is a name, in the second, there is nothing. There is no marriage status of the alleged mother, nor the document that she is giving up her child and giving it to the adoption. 

Radiša Pavlović

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The birth happened on March 3rd, 1981, in the General hospital in Krusevac. Pavlovic said that it is clear that some child must have had been proclaimed dead, in order to have a baby for adoption, and then the mother and all of its data were made up, and the adoption was "formally" performed.

Thus, our interlocutor invites all women who gave birth in Krusevac hospital on that day, and they were told that their child has died, to call the Association and Government commission. That will make the search a lot easier for everybody.

Since there is information that the nonexistent mother is from a village near Aleksinac, Radisa Pavlovic and Milanka Momcilovic performed talks with the Aleksinac Welfare Center. They will try to find out who are the persons the former director signed the agreement on adoption, although the mother doesn't exist. There was no answer.

- We will file criminal charges against those responsible at the hospital at that time, in order to find out who was the doctor who worked at the time, what nurse, what shift was on. The aim is not to chase the perpetrators, and it is clear that many people were involved, it is our aim to find the biological parents of this man. We have informed the police and the prosecution about this - said Radisa Pavlovic.

The documentation from the register shows that something is not right in the case of adoption of Krusevac baby. The person working as the register wrote down the name of the baby into the books before the baby was even born!

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje novosti)

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