SHE WAS 15, AND HE WAS 17: They got a daughter Mina because they had sex, and they didn't know they could have a baby! (PHOTO)

It was hardest for Jovan to say: "I don't have". He fought for a piece of bread, and he was full only when the cherry was ripe, and now he is feeding others (PHOTO)

Slavica became a widow with four children, her husband committed suicide yesterday over the debt of 185 euros: The electricity is back on, but the suffering doesn't end there (PHOTO)

The most beloved homeless man Djordje passed away: His life has been a torment from the age of 9, and he passed away at the age of 30 (PHOTO)

Milan made us cry and he didn't even drop a single tear: He was left as a baby, he doesn't know what will he eat for the weekend, it's the worst for Christmass, and he never failed an exam on medical faculty (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Photo that made the Balkan cry: A group of street children watching TV in the shop window (PHOTO)

Boskovici don't have water in the 21st century: They gather rainwater by putting barrels under the gutter, and the children get sick all the time (VIDEO)

A difficult life story of little Aleksa (5): He is eager for parent's love, he gathers paper with his grandma and deaf-mute cousin in order to survive (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Terrible consequences of the earthquake in Montenegro: Old houses collapsed, families had to move out, Macedonia was shaking today (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Europe's wealth map: Serbia is terrible, the worst from all of the former Yugoslavia. Is Iceland the richest country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest country in Europe by far: Every sixth citizen goes to bed hungry

Stefan is the pride of Mostar: Although he lived in poverty, many had helped him graduate from college. And this is how he returned the favor

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