Photo that made the Balkan cry: A group of street children watching TV in the shop window (PHOTO)

It seems that there is a group of children that gather in front of the store regularly

A photo that appeared on social networks on Monday has shaken the public in the region.

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It is a photo that was posted on the Facebook page "Podgorica Vremeplov" where we can see a group of street children which gather in front of a store window in Montenegro.

It is evident that those are children from the street, who watched the TV displayed in the store with electronic equipment.

People's reactions to this photo are different. Some of them want and feel that something should be done to help them.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that this is all a big scam. But there are those who think that non-governmental organizations should deal with this issue.

This is not the only case of this kind. Another group of children regularly gathers in front of this story, and another photo is a proof of that.


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