Milan made us cry and he didn't even drop a single tear: He was left as a baby, he doesn't know what will he eat for the weekend, it's the worst for Christmass, and he never failed an exam on medical faculty (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He spends his days in the library because he has no money to buy books. He lives in Zeleznik now, in the apartment he named "Draft mansion". He has no sink, no washing machine, no TV. He doesn't even have a mobile reception, but he has so much dust that he covers himself up over the night so he could breathe

- My grandma told me that the priest was walking backwards when they baptized me and he fell in the trough. I think that everything started going backwards for me at that moment - Milan said in the TV show "Life talks", who was abandoned by his parents when he was 20 days old. Milan Jevdjic is on his fifth-year o medicine at the University of Belgrade, and he never failed an exam, although he had countless falls during his life. He doesn't know how he looked like as a boy since he doesn't have a single photo from his childhood. He just remembers a dark room, a tall man with dark skin, the wooden stick and strong beating.

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- The beating was so intense that the blood vessels on my legs burst. The new husband of my mother was beating me. Although I was just four years old, I knew that I will never return to that house. Grandparents started caring about me ever since - Milan remembers his most difficult years.

Parents never wanted him. He met his mother on the street in the village of Severovo and she would just wave at him. That is why he was never able to feel love. However, his grandpa soon died and he remained only with his grandma. She lived until Milan was 16 years old and she died of cervical cancer. The boy's uncles got all the property and Milan is left alone without anything. 

Foto: Printskrin Život priča

- I watched those roads and fields and I knew I will never return there. I literally wanted to die. I took some food and went to Uzice without a dime. I made my first money they as an animator. I had 1.500 dinars, years in front of me and the desire to become a doctor. I didn't know how. I was underage and the hell starts there, but also a cruel and beautiful upbringing. Life is a very strict teacher, but good and it teaches you a lot, you never forget that - Milan said.

He worked as much as he could to pay the rent of 70 euros, bills and food. There were days when he had nothing to eat, so he ate only garlic. Those days aren't over yet. Milan still has nothing to eat. 

- That garlic was tastier at the moment than caviar. That shaped me. One memory of my grandma kept me up, the ambition to succeed and I am thinking rationally all the time. I kept telling myself not to think but to move on. I was a waiter, I sold balloons, I did manual labor, I was a mascot in a supermarket, I sold greeting cards on the street - the young man is honest.

He enrolled at the faculty in Kosovska Mitrovica and he slept in the room next to the morgue. In the third year, he transferred to the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. He is now the fifth year and he never failed an exam. Professors only have the words of praise for him. He is trying harder than he should, and he is staying more after the practice in college, to soak in more knowledge.

He spends his days in the library because he has no money to buy books. He lives in Zeleznik now, in the apartment he named "Draft mansion". He has no sink, no washing machine, no TV. He doesn't even have a mobile reception, but he has so much dust that he covers himself up over the night so he could breathe.  That is the only apartment he can afford. He comes there just before midnight, and he walks for hours before that, he walks for several kilometers just to spend less time in the "Draft mansion".

However, when he remains alone at night, covered above his head and when he is most hungry, that is the worst.

- Thoughts are the worst enemy, and it is most difficult in the night hours when they get to me. It is even more difficult in the apartment like this. The loneliness is terrible, I am ashamed of bringing anyone into the room like this, and I am somehow even lonelier. I am thinking about the things I shouldn't. When you are surrounded by people, it's easier, but when you are alone, all the problems get to you. There are nights when I lie down and I hope that I won't wake up - the brave young man said.

- It is the hardest on Christmas day. I lied down in the evening and I was thinking what awaits me when I wake up. I knew that nothing is there for me, that the day will be terrible and traumatic for me and I didn't want to wake up. I was thinking about the worst, but I postponed it, and I it no longer works or me - he adds.

- I am a guy who is always smiling, but who rarely smiles. Despite that, I never thought of giving up. How can I give up when I accomplished something because I never gave up from the start. But, then again, success is not a success if you have no one to share it with. And so I reached the situation in one moment when I am not happy for my success because I have no one to share it with. 

Since he is now in the fifth year of his studies, it is hard to pay for everything.

- If I have money for food, I don't have for rent, and now I don't even have the strength to study, let alone anything else. I think that the strength is being spent slowly in my head, but I am still equally fast because the loneliness has pushed me. Sadness and loneliness. I am still driving fast enough to escape them, but they are getting faster and faster. That is the problem. I was never happy in previous years, but I was calm. And now I am neither calm nor happy, some feeling took a hold of me and it is not letting go - Milan said emotionally.

He would like to go abroad to specialize in gynecology. Of course, because of my grandma. But, Milan currently has nothing to eat, let alone to pay the classes of foreign language in some good school.

- My goal is to be a good, honest and successful man, to have my own family one day that I will make up everything I didn't have and to be a doctor. Although I have been through a lot, and I am still going through it, I realized that the life is about the little things. If you have some small things, you won't need the big ones. You shouldn't cry for not having an iPhone, two or three rooms in your apartment, for not having money to go to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, because you have a family. No success in life is not worth it if you don't have anyone to share it with - he said to everybody.

Foto: Printskrin Život priča

When asked if he has enough to pay the next rent, Milan said:

- We will see.

When asked if he has anything to eat this weekend, after a long break and looking down, the incredible young man said: 

- We will see. 

We need to educate one doctor, doctor Milan, 5th and 6th year of the Medical faculty. And we don't know if he will have anything to eat for this weekend.


You can watch the TV show "Life Talks" (Zivot Prica) HERE.

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