Serbs would like to marry sexy Albanians, they don't care about hands crossed into a symbol of an eagle: "Honney, write to me, I am the right one for you! What's the price?"

Intermediary service includes, as alleged, mediation for marriage and introductions of the families

The group "Albanians for Marriage" on Facebook is full of pictures of beautiful, young Albanians, and allegedly, they want to marry. Potential grooms are occasionally offered a trip to Tirana for two days, and a somewhat expensive version lasts five days. Intermediary service includes, as alleged, mediation for marriage and introductions of the families. 

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It is specified that the trip to Tirana costs 250 with a van, and the tour of all villages and five nights costs 450 euros. All interested have to apply and to book it 3 days before leaving.

Many people who are unmarried from these parts of Serbia, and even wider, are calling and inviting girls to talk to them in inbox, they are sending their phone numbers, they write to girls that they are beautiful, "Hi, do you want a relationship", "Call me", "Marry me", "Honney, write to me, I am the right one for you!", "What's the price to get to her", are just some of the comments under the photos.

Some of them are certain that it is all fake, and that everybody will end up in an infamous "yellow house". Certain people are angry, there are no older women, all of them are young - "you are just spinning the same pictures, is there anyone from 42 to 52, and what are the conditions".

The doubts remain if the photos are fake or if it is really some scam. It is written under the next photo "wedding of EU client with an Albanian", which is just partially true. The part that is missing is that this is an Albanian married couple, rapper Gljiko and his wife Elita Rudi.

Or the photo of the "real" wedding of Kujtima Spata and Rachel Connolly:

Numerous other photos have been used in commercials for haircuts, decorations, and the rest...

 Although there are girls who took pictures with their hands crossed and they form an eagle, it seems that the Serbian bachelors aren't bothered with it. 

The girl with a hat turned out to be Albanian actress and a former miss, Almeda Abazi, who is happened to be married, for the Turkish actor Tolgan Sajisiman. We have doubts that she got married with the help of the group "Albanians for marriage".

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