3.000 euros just for browsing, 5.000 for marriage: Serbs went crazy for sexy Albanians, the demand is huge and the mediators can't catch a break

Numerous potential grooms are interested, judging by the number of comments, to marry Albanian girls

If we believe the mediators in the marriage of Albanian girls which "work" on the Facebook group "Albanians for marriage", around 50 marriages have been settled so far. Numerous potential grooms are interested, judging by the number of comments, to marry Albanian girls.

Serbs would like to marry sexy Albanians, they don't care about hands crossed into a symbol of an eagle: "Honney, write to me, I am the right one for you! What's the price?"

Group "Albanians for marriage" on Facebook is full of pictures of beautiful, young Albanians who want to get married. Potential grooms are occasionally offered a trip to Tirana for two days, and a somewhat expensive version lasts five days.

Intermediary service includes, as alleged, mediation for marriage and introductions of the families. 

But, the search for the future bride will set you back 1.500 to 3.000 euros, and that is just for "browsing" of the potential bride and "entering the procedure", Telegraf.rs finds out, and the entire process costs 5.000 euros.

The money is sent to Ulcinj in Montenegro and the contact person is Natasa I. who immediately contacts the interested person for detailed agreement.

As we found out, the demand is great and the mediators can't catch a break.

The desire to connect the single men and girls is not lacking, no matter what religion or nation they are. The problem is the fact that the pictures of anonymous girls are used in the group "Albanians for Marriage" whose pictures were found on the internet and who have no idea that their pictures are used without their knowledge. 

So this is just another scam with a single goal. To make money.

The post that "there were over 50 marriages" was liked by Vucko, Mirzet, Slavko, Dejan, Azrim, Slavco, Danilo...

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