Teme: stealing

A young man locked a bike in front of the Faculty in Podgorica, and when he returned to get it, he almost fainted (PHOTO)

One of three people "beeped" while leaving the market, and the workers jumped only on her. She is a Roma woman (VIDEO)

Children, aged 10 and 13, stole a car and went wild in Skopje: They lost control and landed in a channel (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A video as a warning that we have to be prepared every second: A woman looked at the shoes, and she was robbed the next moment (VIDEO)

A man from Split broke into a house trying to steal something, and then he found alcohol and got drunk

Fight for your life in Belgrade: A thief hit her in the chest and ripped the necklace from her neck, he became even crueler when he saw her arm

A mole-man has been discovered: Serb robbed houses and jewelry shops by digging tunnels (VIDEO)

Tears of little Damjan from Kosovo defeated Serbia: They took away a glass of warm milk out of his hands. They stole his cow Dragana!

Two women from Belgrade came for vacation in Tivat, and then they started robbing: Huanita and Hana broke into a house, they stole thousands of euros and gold jewelry

Good morning, neighbor! What did you steal from the shop today? (PHOTO)

A haughty renter of sunbeds from Croatia: They told me that I was a Hungarian sh*t (VIDEO)

They stole 50 million dinars from Serbia: 15 people arrested for money laundering

It took Spiderman from Mladenovac one minute and 30 seconds to steal 288.000 dinars: Only the legs could be seen from the exchange office (VIDEO)

They stole a jeep and a 6.000 euro Rolex from businessman Zdravko, and then they left him in his underpants and socks in front of the police station

A movie-like robbery in Zemun: An armed thief with a hat took one million dinars and around 8.000 euros, and then he escaped

A Serb with his three sons bought girls for 40.000 euros and he made them commit robberies: They had to do 10 robberies per day and whoever returned without loot - punishment (PHOTO)

Two blonds robbed a sex shop in Sarajevo, the shocked owner published the video from the security camera (VIDEO)

The eyes of the entire Balkans set on the drama in Skopje: Jovan is going to the court for switching babies, and the clinic will sue him! (PHOTO)

He robbed her house and kissed her while she was asleep: Top 7 most hilarious thefts in Sumadija from 2007 to 2017 (PHOTO)

The footage of a Hollywood like robbery in Zagreb: Armed men intercepted the vehicle that transported money, they threatened the driver with a gun (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Bloody drinking: He accused his friend of stealing the phone, and then he beat him to death (PHOTO)

The mystery of the missing 3 million euros: Treasurer Boban performed the robbery of a century with his brother, they were sentenced, but they are not saying where is the money (SCHEME)

The famous "Pink Panter" robbed the shop in Zagreb? They stole watches worth millions of euros! Their action was over in 30 seconds

EXCLUSIVE! NEW SCANDALOUS FOOTAGES: Full report on secret safes, forbidden loans, unprocessed money at St. Sava Temple (VIDEO) (DOCUMENTS)

SCANDALOUS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: They accused Telegraf of making things up without the knowledge of the Patriarch! This is the proof that priests around Irinej - ARE LYING (PHOTO)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 2): How much money is stolen on the candles, where do donations go, secret safes, multi-million loans... (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE! SECRET VIDEO FROM THE CHURCH: Watch a PRIEST STEALING MONEY in a Temple of St. Sava from the safe for sick and poor (VIDEO)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 1): How priests steal money, where is the money going to, secret vaults, 750.000 euros disappear in the temple of St. Sava each year... (PHOTO)

Bosnian woman entered the store and took the 50 euros from the worker in the most absurd way: Cameras captured her technique (VIDEO)

Bosnian worked as treasurer and stole 270,000 marks from the bank like the thief from Hollywood!