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Good morning, neighbor! What did you steal from the shop today? (PHOTO)


As always, the items that are stolen the most are cream bananas, chocolates, gums, and candies, but everything else is also disappearing

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Thieves exist since forever, and they will continue to exist, sometimes there is just less or more of them, but the official statistic doesn't exist. The youth was stealing during the 80s and 90s, out of the joke and later on because of poverty. In today's time, according to the "statistics" of the longtime workers in the shops, the ones who steal the most are over 50 years old

It took Spiderman from Mladenovac one minute and 30 seconds to steal 288.000 dinars: Only the legs could be seen from the exchange office (VIDEO)

As always, the items that are stolen the most are cream bananas, chocolates, gums, and candies, but everything else is also disappearing. The least "problem" is the hygiene products.

- I don't have problems with the youth, they have "honor" and they don't steal. "My statistics", actually my 15 years of experience is the best statistics, and it says that we should care about those who are over 50 years old. Those people are mostly retired, and they don't care about "honor" because they will soon go to the afterlife. Some steal just to survive, some to brag in front of their grandchildren that they "bought" something sweet - the worker of the retail chain said, and she wanted to remain anonymous.

Foto: Profimedia

According to the statements of the sellers, the targeted items are the ones that have a long expiry date, so they could be resold on markets or on the street (cans, oils, alcohol, coffee, drinks, cosmetics).

Traders in Belgrade who work in kiosks and small shops have complained about migrants in the past two years. There are more thefts during the winter because it is easier to hide the items under wide coats and jackets.

They put some items in the basket, and the other under the jacket, in an inner pocket, a bag, or in a purse.

- Many of them eat a lot of things before reaching the cash register, for example, they take the meat and they eat a lot of things among the shelves, they take sweets and juices as well, and then they throw away the packages. They even pack more expensive products in boxes of cheaper ones... - she said.

Foto: Slobodan Đurković

Being a thief is knowing that the limit is 5.000 dinars, because, according to the Criminal Code of Serbia, those who steal up to the amount of 5,000 dinars cannot be prosecuted. It is predicted that people will be prosecuted for this only if a private lawsuit by the citizen was registered. That is why people steal up to that amount.

The traders can only force each of them that they find to pay for the items or to return them.

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