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Tears of little Damjan from Kosovo defeated Serbia: They took away a glass of warm milk out of his hands. They stole his cow Dragana!


Besides Cukaric, three Serbian families from the same village were robbed the same night

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Thieves stole a cow Dragana three days ago from Damjan Cukaric, a three-year-old little boy from Velika Hoca, a village settled in Metohija valley. The family lost the milk they used to feed the children, and little Damjan hasn't stopped crying ever since, according to neighbors.

An Albanian has been feeding sick children in Vranje each day for the past 4 years: His children are playing with them, and Serbs work in the bakery (PHOTO)

Cukaric family has three sons, Dusan (16), Nikola (15), and Damjan (3). They got the cow from the monastery Visoki Decan and the family lived from that cow, as they said from Diocese of Raska-Prizren.

However, on the night of September 25, they lost it. Besides Cukaric, three Serbian families from the same village were robbed the same night.

Olivera Radic, professor of Serbian language, who is a teacher to Dusan and Nikola in the school in Orahovac, went to the robbed Serbian family.

- Tears of little Damjan have been following me the entire day. They were dropping down his face while he was running in and out of the barn, shouting out the name of the cow "Dragana", which was stolen the previous night. So little, and it seemed that he carried the weight of the entire life on his back. He was taking off the wires from the fence, he was running through the garden, he was calling for neighbors. "They stole our cow, grandpa Jovan, do you know, they stole our cow. I will go and look, perhaps it is on the playground, perhaps they didn't steal it, maybe it's there... You know, I took care of her each day, I can grab her by the horns and bring her home. - wrote Olivera in a short text about this entire event.

And then he stopped, said Olivera, when he saw that grandpa and his wife Slobodanka were also crying. He lifted his eyes and looked at his father, and asked while crying: "Dad, did they stole a cow from grandpa Jovan as well? Did they, dad... There is no cow in the barn".

- As if he didn't believe them, and he didn't, it could be seen on his face. Little Damjan was still crying. Those tears from a child hurt a lot. Those who stole cows and calfs that night don't care about that. They are not hurt by tears. And I, I saw a great Serbian weakness and troubles, pilled up in all of us, through all these years. Powerlessness to defend yourself and your family. Tears of little Damjan are the tears of all of those robbed Serbs in the last months, the tears of all of the children without milk, the tears of all parents who used to feed their children with that milk - Olivera stated.

- I saw judgment and verdict in those tears. Yes, I am sure of that. The tears of little Damjan are the verdict to all of those who took away a glass of warm milk out of his hands - Olivera concluded.


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