Two blonds robbed a sex shop in Sarajevo, the shocked owner published the video from the security camera (VIDEO)

Whoever helps in bringing them to the justice can expect an award

Sex shop "Love Stories" was robbed on Friday in Sarajevo, and it was robbed by, believe it or not - by two blond girls.

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Two blonds entered the store for adult toys, and while one of them was talking to the worker, the second one started working. They went out of the store with the stolen merchandise worth 470 euros.

- Two women started talking to the worker and they stole the toys from the shelves. They stole five items - they explained in the shop, writes Indeks.

The theft was reported to the police, and the owner of the sex shop decided to publish the videos of the security cameras so people could see the thieves clearly.

Sarajevo police invited citizens to let them know if someone recognizes them, and the person who helps in apprehending them will receive a monetary award.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Indeks)

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