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Confession of a man who almost bought a baby in Belgrade: 10.000 marks for one child, 15.000 twins


Marko claims that they convinced him to chose a baby which he likes, and they will all settle in the papers that Marko's wife gave birth to it

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Bebi Afera, KBC Zvezdara

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Marko Ivic, a German citizen from Yugoslavia, claims that he almost bought a baby from the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara almost 31 years ago when he came to Serbia to adopt. He decided to speak publically about his involvement in the baby affair, the media has opened his eyes about what precisely happened in the office of the former chief of the department.

He was wounded and has shrapnel next to his heart. He barely breathes and works to feed his children

Ivic and his wife Ana have no children. More than 3 decades ago, they decided to adopt a baby or twins from these areas. After the recommendation of his stepfather, Marko has traveled to Yugoslavia for a vacation in Bugojno 1988 where he met a certain attorney Dragan. It was said that he was the one who takes care of the papers for adoption.

- He asked everything - what do I do, what does my wife look like... In the end, he said: "In Belgrade, you can choose, but in order to adopt a baby, you need 10.000 Deutsche Mark". I answered that he will get a thousand marks from me if I adopt, and if they are twins, and one of them is a girl, two thousand. He was trying to convince me that everything is alright, he works in Belgrade and he knows a guy, so I don't have to worry - Marko starts his confession.

The next time we saw each other on Friday, after July 20 (which should be July 22nd, 1988). 

- When we came to Belgrade, I tried my best to memorize the road because I thought that I will go here when I come with my wife for adoption. I thought that we were going to the orphanage, but we stopped by a hospital. I was a bit confused there, but I thought that an orphanage must be close - said Marko.

Marko Ivić, bebi afera, kupovina i prodaja dece

Printskrin: Youtube/VivaTeka VivaTeka

Dragan went into the hospital for several minutes and Marko was waiting outside. Then he returned and got Ivic, he brought him into the office of a doctor.

- I remained alone with the doctor and he started questioning me about everything. And then he told me that a baby costs 10.000 marks, and twins 15.000 marks. The same prices were mentioned by Dragan. He said that he was a humanitarian, that the babies are from the college students from the interior, which can't get married, and they don't want to go home with the belly. They give babies to the adoption and then the babies are being dragged from one home to another, waiting for parents for a long time. He told me that I give the money to him which then further goes for homeless children. Moreover, it wasn't strange that he was asking for money, corruption was normal in the former country. You couldn't go to the doctor if you don't give him money. That is why I believed Dragan that he will help me adopt the child with his connection.

The doubt appeared that he realized this won't be a classical adoption.

Marko Ivić, bebi afera, kupovina i prodaja dece

Printskrin: Youtube/VivaTeka VivaTeka

- I asked him, how will the child be listed in the papers: "It will be written everywhere that your wife gave birth to it", he told me. He offered three options - to take the baby now, to return with the wife and then we take the child, or to lie to the entire family that she is pregnant, and we return in 9 months. And I shouldn't worry about the papers - from the birth certificate, passport, everything will be done and my wife will be listed as the biological mother of the baby.


When he showed the picture of his wife, one woman brought to him and they sent him to the department with delivered women.

- He told me to put my hand on the bed where the women were laying down which looks the most like my wife. I have placed my hand on the bed. After that, he took me to the baby room. I stopped near a baby, I was attracted to it by long eyelashes. She was an angel and I told it to him. He answered that it was the baby of the girl where I placed my hand. Then, he told me: "Ivic, chose". I stopped there, how can I chose a baby, what if I want someone other? That is not just a maternity ward from college students, there are babies from married wives - Marko describes his wondering.

When the doctor told him three times to chose, Marko understood that something was not right. I answered that I would like to talk to my wife.

- I returned to Germany and told Ana everything. She told me to let it all go, that something is obviously not right. Then there was war and I was sick of everything. We came to terms with destiny. We have a nice life, 41 years married and still in love - said Marko.

Bebe, porodilište

Foto ilustracija: Telegraf/Shutterstock


In cooperation with representatives of two associations of parents of missing babies, Ana Pejic and Milena Jankovic, Marko Ivic traveled to Belgrade and showed which hospital it is. As he claims there was a human trafficking attempt in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara.

Ana Pejic showed him the photos of the doctor who was the chief of the department and this facility in 1988. Ivic confirmed that it was that doctor, he is 99 percent sure that he talked with him. That doctor, as the parents of the missing babies claim on social networks, passed away in the meantime. 

He always presented himself as a humanitarian, who helps children not end at home. He praised the standard of Germany where the child will grow up. He even told me that if I know some couples, our or Germans, who want children, they can talk with me and he can help the children find the sanctuary. He assured us that they, plural, will settle the papers, so no one can deny that my wife had a baby: "Ivic, your duty is to come and chose a baby, we will deal with the rest" - claims Marko.

As he added, the doctor wrote down his data, even his blood type.

- However, it was a bit strange that he didn't check if I was a thief or a maniac with the police. He insisted just to pick a baby and to show the money - said Marko.


Marko recently saw a show on the TV about stealing of babies and he realized that he was almost a part of it.

- When I recognized my story, I was shocked. If I had done that, to know that a mother somewhere is still crying for her child... How would I feed it for 30 years and I bought it from thieves? I could never forgive my self. But I claim that the doctor told me to chose, God saved me from buying because that "chose" dissuaded me - he said.

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