The phenomenon under Rtanj mountain: Young people from Belgrade moved to the village, they live in houses made of mud, they are developing business and creating their paradise (PHOTO)

We were in a village which is incredible due to many things - it is one of the rare ones which withstood the plague of modern times, people aren't running away from here, they are moving in and they are developing business

If the legend is true that only those who are on the Rtanj mountain will survive if the end of the world happens, then a few young people from Belgrade will be in that fortunate group. 

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Perhaps they are not running away from the end of the world, but they are running away from city clamor. Young people of different occupations continued their lives in magical areas under the mysterious mountain. The village Vrmidza, near Sokobanja, became one of the rural areas which withstood the plague of modern times - people aren't running away from here, they are moving in and they are developing business. 

Two young men from Belgrade were the first ones to go, as it is said, against the rules of logic. One of them, born in Zemun, the other one is an official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Selo u koje se mladi doseljavaju

Foto: Telegraf.rs

He was the first one to take his wife with him, and they are developing ethno-tourism, the second one replaced his tie with a hoe and he is making spices.

Today, when you ask them is it worth it, they say "We are not giving up". If you want to follow their steps, you need 50 euros to start, that is the acre in their neighborhood.


Ilija Travar (Herbalist) replaced his job in the ministry with the house made of mud. He bought 80 acres of land and his last name decided his path.

- What else should I do instead of herbs -

Ilija dedicated to making spices, and he started mixing all different kinds of herbs into the original blends, and one of them is "orgeta", he swears that it is the best mix of spices.

- Those are all my mixes, there are three of them, they are based on plants with healing properties, and there are mushrooms in one of them. Those three spices are enough for food. I am trying to make a specific product which is healthy and not expensive at the same time. I had to move here in order to make something like that - said Travar.

Selo u koje se mladi doseljavaju

Foto: Telegraf.rs

He bought land, and then a house which was almost collapsed. Now, he is patiently restoring it.

- I have lived in Belgium, Netherlands, Belgrade... My job was good, it meant a lot to me, but in one moment you realize that you are living someone else's life, you don't see that it is important for you. Belgrade is too crowded, people are walking like zombies, and there is no more profit. People are missing here - said Ilija.

He adds that there are several more families who would like to come but they are afraid of survival. As it seems, people forgot about hard work.

- I have no workforce to help me, I plan on expanding to organic production. Serbia has the capacity to make quality food. For example, spices have died out, and there is so much that nature can offer.

His neighbor, Milos Ninkovic from Zemun, founded Rtanj center of healthy life ten years ago. Milos wasn't even 30 years old when he replaced the city with the village, although he had no roots from the countryside. His destiny completely changed the scenario.

Selo u koje se mladi doseljavaju

Foto: Telegraf.rs

Just like Ilija, he had a lot of experience living abroad. Former young manager in sales now has a real little paradise which is an escape from everyday life in the great city. 

- We are promoting ideas which are according to a healthy life, we have a guest room, barn of 40 square meters where we keep lectures and practices, an enormous meadow - states Ninkovic.

And on the meadow, you can see a volleyball net, a shade from a walnut tree, orchard, a tree house, a barn for classes of increasingly popular yoga. Milos' wife is holding classes. They are making the equipment in the barn, they are even selling it, which is an extra income.

Selo u koje se mladi doseljavaju

Foto: Telegraf.rs

- You have to think wide, and to do various things, which is pretty normal in Serbia.

Their guest house can host 8 people, and if there is a need, people can sleep in the barn.

Everything was subjected to a healthy lifestyle. They buy bread from a local mill, they are making a real nettle elixir, they are selling balms and products from natural ingredients. 

Selo u koje se mladi doseljavaju

Foto: Telegraf.rs

These young people want to stay in the village. They are inviting all youth to stay in their birthplaces and not to move away, and they have advice for those who want to come, give it a chance. Everything will come to its place.

They have a goal - to change their lives and then to promote it even further. And they are succeeding. 

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Vena Bjelic)

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