Confession of a raped girl (14): He created a trap with sheep, he ambushed me from behind, took off my clothes and dropped me on the ground (PHOTO)

"Two days later, he came to my birthday"

A girl L.A. (14) from Glusac near Bogatic, who was sexually assaulted a week ago, is still in heavy shock. The fear can still be seen on her face, she is crying a lot, she shakes from time to time, she doesn't sleep a lot, she wakes up screaming... Parents G.A. and G.A. are worried about the mental health of their daughter. They took her to her first therapy at the psychiatrist in Sabac hospital. They are not moving away from her, although the doors on the house are constantly locked. They spend the hardest moments of their lives by calming their daughter and if they aren't aware of what has happened, what could be the consequences.

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*The initials of the girl and her parents are changed due to her safety 

They just settled in the house when they recently bought and they started redecorating it. They are used to the modest, a hard, but honest life, they never thought they might face trouble like this.

The girl is a student of the seventh grade, she is kind, calm, and a very good student. She confirmed the story to Telegraf.rs which she told the inspector of the police station in Bogatic.

- I haven't been in a school for several days, I was texting with a friend and I asked her to send me homework. I have heard sheep outside and I saw that they were on the street. I went out in a shirt to put them back in the barn and I looked around me because it was strange how they got out. I have noticed in the neighboring yard, where nobody lives, that someone walked in a white sweatshirt, I moved along and I noticed steps since the sheep didn't pass eat the grass there. I went on the street and he was sitting on the bench. I asked him if he noticed anyone passing and then I went back home - she said.

At first, he argued, said the girl: "Why are you asking me, how can I know", and then he talked her into going to the barn together so he can show to her who let the sheep out. But, there was no one there, and when she wanted to return to the house he attacked her from behind, he pulled her shirt, he took off her clothes and dropped her to the ground... 

The disgusting and frightening act lasted five minutes.

- I am sorry, I am sorry, I don't know what came over me - he added while he was leaving and he threatened not to tell anyone what happened, claims the girl.

She was terrified and she returned to the house, crying, she hid the ripped shirt and she ran to her room.

- I have noticed that something has happened. I have asked her: "What is the problem", but she just said: "Nothing, mom" - said the mother.


Foto: Telegraf

The father returned the next day from Switzerland ten days ago to earn for his family. He is furious and he has no words which would be strong enough to condemn the man he knew and who came to his house several times in the last month and a half. The father claims that S.I. came just to look at the terrain and he thought about the plan how to harm his daughter. He appeared on Djurdjevdan when he wasn't invited, and there is a suspicion that he let the sheep on the street in order to lure the girl to come out while she was alone at home.

He should thank god that I wasn't there. I would rip his head off for what he did to my child. If he gets out of prison, there won't be a law for him - the father is angry.

On Saturday, two days after he attacked the girl, S.I. appeared on her birthday, uninvited. 

- I was stunned when I saw him. He approached to congratulate my birthday and he tried to kiss me. I didn't let him, I escaped into the home. I couldn't look at him - said the girl.

Mother said that she was completely lost when she saw him at the door because they called only the closest relatives and friends at the party. However, they didn't chase him away because of his sister. He stayed for a long time and he didn't want to go home until she started shouting at him.

- The next day, she told me what happened. I immediately called my husband in Switzerland and I informed the police. It was very hard for me when I found out, my blood pressure has risen and I had to go to the doctors. Such a horror to happen to her. She told everything that happened in front of the social worker and police.

S.S., who was married, occasionally sent her messages on Facebook, they were friends. He wanted to know if her father abroad, and he asked her some other questions about her family which didn't seem suspicious considering that she saw him several times when he came to their home.

- I thought that he was dad's friend, so he wanted to know. One time, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I was ashamed to talk about it with him, I didn't respond, nor to the other messages that he sent to me after - she said.

Due to the suspicion that he raped the girl, S.I. was arrested and he was placed in custody for 30 days.

If you suffer violence or you know someone who is suffering violence, call SOS phone 0800 - 35 00 36

(* this is the number of SOS phones licensed by the Ministry of RZBSP). 

(Telegraf.co.uk / D. Grujic)

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