A beautiful building in Banat hides a terrible secret: No one dares to cut the grass around this castle, and mysterious shadow flies over it once a year (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A Croat lied that he was a woman and made people take off their clothes and masturbate on Skype: He recorded everything in secret, and then made their lives miserable!

Inja is a police officers and criminals are afraid of her, Jadran is a bodybuilder and he works in a kindergarten: Together they have 220 kg and spend 1.200 euros per month on food (PHOTO)

Statistics that hurts: Youth in Serbia don't think that slap is violence and "it's their own fault" if someone attacks the girls - for mini skirts

Dajana Dangubic is the first female tank commander: She is a weightlifting champion, she jumped from the bridge and she has a message for all girls (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He robbed the deceased granny and took jewelry to the jewelry shop to sell it: The worker asked him a question and he immediately started running!

"Help, rape!": A bloody girl screamed and ran away from a migrant in a public toilet! This is a second case in Zagreb in one week

A migrant attacked a woman in Croatia: He charged at her in the entrance of a building, neighbors saved her

Croatian Casanova: He seduced several hundred women and he revealed the secret to his success

Pyromaniac arrested who caused SEVEN fires near Sibenik

Vedrana (20) is destroying all prejudices about women: She drives tractor better than any man, she beats even the most experienced ones! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Storm in Novi Sad claimed a life: Tree crushed a car, woman died on the spot (PHOTO)

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