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A pregnant woman, her daughter (12) and her husband drowned: A friend jumped after them to save them and he disappeared in the Skadar lake (PHOTO)


The accident happened on the name day of the prior of monastery Vranjina, who even insisted to postpone going to the lake due to the big waves

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The pregnant woman Jana Kumburovic, her husband Ratko and their 12-year-old child drowned yesterday while returning in a boat from the Monastery Vranjina on Skadar Lake.

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The waves took their friend, Darko Vujosevic from Podgorica, who tried to save the Kumborovic family.

Only the body of the pregnant woman was recovered from the water, and the rescuers, locals, firefighters, the police unit, members of the Protection Service of the National Park Skadar Lake searched for her daughter, her husband, and Vujosevic.

Air unit of the Ministry of Internal affairs searched for them above the lake.

The search will be continued today, and the divers will start searching the water, announced unofficially in "Vijesti".

Foto: Facebook

The four of them and four more visitors of the monastery Vranjina on the island on Skadar lake were returning to the shore, and they were transported by the prior of the monastery Neofit.

That priest was questioned around 20:00 in the Podgorica Security center. 

Radojica Rasovic, who was with the Kumburovic family, Vujosevic and the prior, Vanja and Ljiljana Rasovic in te boat, told "Vijesti" how the accident occurred, and that the priests already transported three groups of people before that.

Foto: Facebook

- We were the last group. Nine of us. We headed out around 14:30 towards the coast, to go home. Suddenly, the weather turned bad, big waves started hitting us on the lake and there was a big accident. The boat was flooded and the entire family drowned - a pregnant woman in the fourth month of pregnancy, her daughter, husband and Darko Vujosevic from Kuc. We started swimming, we tried to save ourselves. And they could have saved themselves, but they were rescuing the child and that is how the accident happened. Tragedy. Big and terrible tragedy - said Rasovic.

He said that, when the boat was flooded, the mother first tried to save the child, but they couldn't fight the waves.

- First, she saw and she grabbed Nina under the shoulder, and then the waves came crashing down, she got her out, and then the child started sinking again. Ratko started going after her, and then he started drowning as well. Darko went to help them, he gave them a board, but the wave crashed above them and he drowned as well... The clothes were making everything difficult, we were going left and right towards the costs, and somehow we saved ourselves - said Rasovic.

He added that he was two meters from the shore and he barely made it, just like the rest of them who were on the boat. 

Allegedly, when the waves started, the people in the boat got scared and they went to the front of the boat.

According to the same information, the priest asked them to return to their places, but the boat soon capsized.

One of yesterday's guests was Boban Mikulic, and he told "Vijesti" that the guests insisted on going home.

- There was really bad weather and they asked the prior Neofit to transport us because some of them were late for work. One of them had to be at work at 16:00. They begged the priest to take us, in order not to be late, but he said that the waves are big and that we should wait. We didn't. He transported us before the group that capsized - Mikulic said.

Rasovic added that someone from the island reported the accident, who noticed that the boat is losing the battle with the waves.

- A tragedy happened on Skadar lake. The unit of the Ministry of internal affairs joined the search, firefighters, rescuers, the Protection Service of the national park "Skadar Lake", locals of the surrounding villages. One body has been found - the director of the National Park, Nenad Ivanovic, said.


The friends of Kumburovicand the locals of Vranjina gathered last night on the coast of the lake said that the family visited the monastery on the lake each week. And yesterday, with other believers, they came to the temple at 8:30 and they attended the mass.

- Prior Neofit had a monk name day yesterday, St. Neofit. Twenty believers who were there yesterday were their guests, mostly the people who came to the mass each week in the monastery - said a source to "Vijesti".


The director of the public company National parks of Montenegro Elvir Klica said last night for the agency MINA that the search continues for a little girl and two adults.

- We are searching for a little girl and two men. Our services have joined forces with the police, naval unit and the Sector for emergency situations. The helicopter was included, also the locals and firefighters - Klica said.


The priest of the monastery Vranjina, Goran Kimpanov (43) from Zrenjanin was arrested.

According to the Television Vijesti, he is charged with the criminal offense against the safety and he was brought to the Basic State Prosecutor in Podgorica.

The search was continued today.

The pregnant woman, Jana Kumborovic, her husband Ratko and their 12 year-old-child drowned yesterday while returning with a boat from the monastery Vranjina on Skadar lake.

The waves took their friend, Darko Vujosevic from Podgorica, who tried to save the family.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Vijesti)

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