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Ana met a granny (80) who wanted to jump into the Danube, and she did the most beautiful thing in the world (PHOTO)


Ana is a new hero of Belgrade

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In a society where we ask ourselves, has all the goodness disappeared, we are surprised by the things that are normal. Ana Todorov from Belgrade published a photo on her profile which describes one of her noble acts. 

Grandma Stana is 100 years old: She reads, crochets, and knits. She has nine children, 19 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Quite by accident, while she was walking on the streets of Belgrade, she ran across an old lady who was lost. She was completely disoriented, and she saw the only salvation in the Danube

Foto: Facebook/Ana Todorov

We called Ana to congratulate her on this beautiful gesture and to ask her what was she thinking in those moments.

- When I wrote the story, I wanted to send a basic message to the people that it isn't hard to be kind, to help someone in trouble. I went to Mirijevo market on foot and I met her, first I thought that she was asking me for a street because she is not from that area, but then I realized that she is afraid and that she doesn't know where she is going, and she has been living here for years.

Ana told us that the granny was constantly saying that the Danube is for her, old age is very hard for her. Her goal was for the old woman to calm down, so she started a story if she has a family, if she can remember some name, some phone, the place where she passed through, and the frightened lady kept saying: "I don't know, my child".

While they were walking together on Mirijevo streets, grandma couldn't recognize anything, and when they arrived at her street the granny remembered that her son is a car mechanic, and Ana saw a board which said "Car repairman", so she took her to her family.

- She promised me that she will never go alone because she can get lost from time to time. Thank God that everything ended up well. It is an incredible feeling to pet an abandoned dog and let alone to protect someone's life and to return someone to the loved ones.

This girl received an invaluable lesson from this, and she realized one hour of her time saved 80 years of someone else's life. 

Ana's story should make all of us wonder if we are making a mistake somewhere or if we have enough time for dear people and to teach us to observe the world around us, to leave our phones for a second and to see if our kind word can save someone's life. 

Bravo, girl! 

VIDEO: This is the crazies granny in the world 


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