HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: Women in Serbia have 16.4% lesser wages than men

The average salary for women in Belgrade is 53.250 dinars (450 euros), while men make around 62.000 dinars (525 euros) on average

Even the little birdies on the tree know that women make less than men in Serbia and no woman is pleased when the reports of the research from "Paylab" arrive, especially on the day when they fought for their rights.

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They make us feel better from Paylab when they say that the situation is similar in the entire world and that only six percent of women globally occupy senior management positions. Statistics in Serbia are equally black. Women occupy only 6.10 percent of senior managerial positions, while men, on the other hand, only perform 8.4 percent of the worst paid jobs.

The average salary for women in Belgrade is 53.250 dinars (450 euros), while men make around 62.000 dinars (525 euros) on average.

The situation is somewhat different outside Belgrade. The waves of both genders are smaller than in the capital, and the difference is smaller between them. Women receive 43.500 dinars every month, while men receive 5.000 dinars more, which is 14.94% more.

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- That is largely because women didn't have good conditions for career development throughout history. Also, women often aren't interested in these positions. Employed mothers try to avoid demanding managerial positions in order to manage family care and their work duties - Paylab explains.

They point out that the pay gap between women and men in the same positions should be the same.

- In this situation, only those who have more experience or some additional skills can have a higher salary. One of the reasons for higher salaries may be that men are much more aggressive than women when negotiating salary conditions. Therefore, we advise women, do not be afraid to negotiate - they say in this organization.

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