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Foreigners are searching for Serbian workforce through the employment office: These workers are the first to "go"


Foreign companies in Serbia are mostly looking for drivers, waiters, medical workers, postal workers and seasonal agricultural workers. Companies from Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Qatar, and Portugal are searching for workers through our office

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Foreign employers are very much interested in drivers from Serbia, so much that we should soon expect a meeting in Belgrade where the representatives of German companies and unemployed drivers, who are interested in working in that country, could meet.

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The so-called info-day for drivers will be probably organized by the National Employment Service, most likely in September.

Germany is not the only developed and economically powerful country that wants a workforce from Serbia. Employers from Qatar recently sought out nurses in our country, through official channels. It was a medical center "State of Qatar", which wanted workers through Serbian embassy in Doha. However, there were no interested parties. 

But, professional workers are not the only ones that are required. Four raspberry pickers went to Portugal recently, also 12 people started working as mailmen and drivers. Nine chefs and waiters went to Slovenia recently and they are making 900  euros on average. Some workers recently went to Croatia to work in tourism as animators. They can be sports, children, evening animators, and they make around 550 euros, with free accommodation and food. 

Our citizens legally start working through the Employment Service, which means that the employer is paying taxes and they have the same rights just like the workers from the country of employment. That means that they received their work and residence permits in the country of employment, as well as transportations costs are paid for.

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