What does Serbia look like in the eyes of a young Russian girl

- Serbian language is my bread, my love. I chose it by accident, but after the first visit to Serbia I realized that I am grateful to fate that it focused me on this marvelous language and this wonderful nation - said Tatjana Zirjanova

Ruskinja, Beograd
Foto-montaža: Telegraf, Wikimedia/Oljaa lo, Profimedia

Russian Tatjana Zirjanova, philologist by education, who studied and worked as a translator in Serbia, wrote one of the most beautiful texts about Serbia on Russian portal "Moя Serbiя“.

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Considering what Zirjanova wrote, Serbs obviously left a great impression on the girl From Russia, who, first of all, said that Serbian language is her bread. 

- To be more precise, my love. I chose it by accident, but after the first visit to Serbia I realized that I am grateful to fate that it focused me on this marvelous language and this wonderful nation - said Tatjana Zirjanova for this portal and it was reported by "Russian word".

And this is how she sees our country in global, our people, tradition...

1. Serbs have a very good mood, honest, sensitive, even passionate. You must see how they are, for example, arguing in the street, or drinking in the restaurant ... Or how they watch football, basketball, how they cheer for their team. They are not closed in themselves and are very honest in everything - when happy, and when they cry.

2. Serbs know how to work hard and know how to rest the their souls. To do this, they do not need a lot of money. They take from everything from life, but also they have measure in everything.

3. The Serbs are very beautiful people. The first time you come to Belgrade, tall, handsome people catch you eyes, broad shoulders and an aquiline nose, regardless of age Serbs are very charismatic, and girls and women are unusual for us and our standards of beauty. In fact we are not accustomed to their beauty, however, the type of Russians is a completely different. After a long stay in Serbia, I realized what the beauty of their women is - it is different from ours, it is Serbian.

Foto: Foter/Flickr/lotusutol

Foto: Foter/Flickr/lotusutol

4. Serbs are very happy when they hear that someone speaks Russian. They must introduce themselves to them and try to remember few Russian words they remembered in school. Certain older people can even say few sentences on Russian, which really amazes me!

5. Serbs appreciate Russian culture and love Russian songs, mostly folk songs. For them Russia is really one of the leading world forces. 

6. Serbian men nurture some unexplained gentle feelings towards Russian girls, which annoys Serbian girls to some extent. Once, few friends from Serbia complained to me: "We do not understand what they see in you? If Serbian and Russian girl stand next to each other, equally beautiful, our men will chose Russian one! It is a true riddle for us!". Men representatives of Serbian people explained what is so mysterious: "You are somehow special. We get the feeling that we are going under your skin, entering the blood and running through the veins". 

7. Serbs have somewhat fairy-taleish presentation of Russia, its power, political and military force. They think we are very important in the world. That we will save them if there is need. That kind of understanding Serbs acquire with the mother's milk.

8. They imagine Russia as infinite vastness covered in snow. That rivers are like oceans, and mountains reach to the skies... They are not familiar that there is a lot of nationality with us. For them we are all Russians. They think its all beautiful, wide and big, and that our spiritual power is indefinite. And our fortune, also. Russians are very rich for them.

Foto: Promo, Wikimedia Bobik/Intermedichbo/Snezana Trifunovic

Foto: Promo, Wikimedia Bobik/Intermedichbo/Snezana Trifunovic

9. Putin is God. He saved Russia. He picked her up off her knees.

P.S. In Serbia you are Orthodox brother or sister! Serbs love and respect your country and your culture! They will welcome you as the dearest guests in the world! They will offer you the place to sleep, and any possible help. They will drink with you and sing with you! And they will always smile at you, because you are Russian! 


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