SAVO LIVES ALONE AND HE IS VERY SICK: He lost his family and his health, but not his faith in humanity (PHOTO)

Savo has no one on this world, he is very sick, but he doesn't lose hope in people and in humanity

Savo Petričević
Foto: ebrcko.net

Savo Petricevic (31) lives alone in an old block of flats in the suburb Plazulje, near Brcko, and is suffering from severe kidney disease.

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After losing his parents, father in childhood and then mother this year, and after persecution from Ilijas in 1996 he settled in rented block of flats near Brcko. Thirty-one-year-old man, who is considered extremely hard working, has to go to dialysis three times a week since March of this year. He said that its getting harder to accept the cruel fact that disease is preventing him from working. 

Its hard without work, and i know i can't work because that can be the end of me. With every exertion my blood pressure rises and therapy is not working. Being nervous sometimes kills the will to believe in dialysis and the dream is transplantation which is my only hope, i am well aware of that - said Savo who is the second youngest among 72 users of the artificial kidney in Brcko.

He receives 291 marks as social help as sick person and he has insurance from the the unemployment line, and yet not eh does not lose hope in life and people: 90.000 marks should be provided for transplantation in France. 

Foto: ebrcko.net

Foto: ebrcko.net

- To get to the waiting list i have to have at least half of the amount. My results are, if we exclude high pressure, good for now, among the best from the all people on dialysis. It gives me hope i can wait for the donor and to return to a more normal life - said this lonely young man.

Everything is tidy and clean at his house, although he has no real stove.

- I do not have fuel for the furnace and shoes for the snow, and that's a big problem, but the belief worms me up that, no matter if i am sick and without family, with good and humane people will not stay alone - concludes this 31-year old young man.

If you wish you can help this young man with payments on following accounts:

Account for help (KM) 

562-004-81322979-39, NLB Banka, Branch Office Brcko, SWIFT BIC: RAZBBA22

Foreign currency account:

IBAN: BA395620048135966382

NLB Banka, branch office Brcko, SWIFT BIC: LJBASI2X

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: ebrcko.net)

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