SCAM OF THE CENTURY: Girl came with 2.000 in shop in Obrenovac, asked for a pen and - walked out with 3.600 in her hands! (VIDEO)

Only after examining security camera, she realized what was going on

Prevara u Obrenovcu

Skrinšot/RTV Studio Mag

Shops in Obrenovac were targeted by fraud with 2,000 dinar bills - at least five shops in Obrenovac were robbed in the same way.

Luka (20) found 6.200 euros: He returned everything and when they offered him a reward, he turned out to be totally cool! (PHOTO)

This scam was carried out, believe it or not, in broad daylight.

saleswoman from a cosmetic shop was just one of the victims from the list of deceived and she revealed what happened.

– The girl came normally. I did not suspect anything. She asked for a black pen for eyebrows, she said she wants to buy it. She was holding 2.000 in her hand and she asked me to give her change and so she “worked” me with those two thousand, a 50 and one dinar and i didn’t think for a second that she wants to scam me over – said the saleswoman Milica Pavlovic.

– I don’t remember the part if she gave me the money – said the saleswoman.

The walked out with 2.000 dinars, which she already had, and 1.600 dinars of change!

Only after examining security camera, she realized what was going on. Then she, and the others noticed that they were all scammed in a same way.

Watch the video and everything will be made clear:

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