FOOTAGE OF HORROR ONE SECOND AFTER EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY: Chaos on the streets, people are stomping over each other to save their lives (VIDEO)

Panic was on the streets of Turkey last night, and large number of people spent the night in the open

General panic occurred last night after the earthquake that struck Turkey and GreeceMany people were injured, and two people have died on the Greek island Kos.

Terrible sights in Greece after the earthquake that took two lives and went further to Turkey: Everything is destroyed, people are speechless! (PHOTO)

Locals and tourists are posting photos and videos on social networks where you can see that the situation is still difficult.

One video, which will freeze the blood in your veins, shows a large group of people running down the street trying to save themselves from the quake. 

Many are looking around them in disbelief, wondering what to do, and the panic on their faces is obvious.

A great number of tourists spent the night in the open, fearing from the new earthquake. There was great material damage, especially on Kos.

There was a fear in Turkey from Tsunami, so the authorities are standing by.

Watch the videos:


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