Several earthquakes struck Bosnia: There were quakes in Sarajevo, Bileca and Neum

According to the report of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, the epicenter of the earthquake was 11 kilometers north-east of Sarajevo, at Koran near Pala

Earthquake, 2.5 degrees on Richter scale, hit the vicinity of Sarajevo last night around 3.54. The earthquake was registered at a depth of two kilometers. 

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Although less powerful, the intensity of the earthquake corresponds to a very strong fourth degree. The earthquake of this magnitude affects a lot of people, mainly in the upper floors of the buildings.

Somewhat before, an earthquake of 2.4 degrees on Richter scale, struck the border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The epicenter was about 20 kilometers east of Bileca, and it was located in the territory of Montenegro.

The strongest earthquake struck Peljesac, and the strongest movement of the soil was felt by the citizens of Neum and Korcula. The magnitude of the earthquake, recorded at around 3:05, was 3.2 on Richter scale at a depth of about two kilometers.


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