Croatian Casanova: He seduced several hundred women and he revealed the secret to his success

"I crave for beautiful women and indescribable sexual excitement. I have carefully written these three last words, and that I have only used one - sex. Sex is at the bottom of my list of priorities because everything that precedes sex is worth it every moment"

Many people think that they will have a good time at sea when the summer comes, and if they experience a summer romance, then even better. While some people do it spontaneously there are also those who just like to seduce. Croat Martin (35) from Velika Gorica described his summer in the Adriatic. He discovered what was hiding behind the summer season on the Croatian coast and that his life turned upside down in northern Dalmatia for two weeks. He likes to seduce wealthy women, who "know" how to value his passion. We report his entire story.

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"Sea. It means nothing to me. Sea, water, river, lake, pool, shower. It's all the same to me. I took a swim four times in the last five years, and those were mostly night swims because the situation demanded it. And I spend three weeks at the coast every summer. Different location every year. And on the beach every day. Why? Because I love women, I am crazy about them.

Especially older, experienced, but also those who act glamorous and sophisticated. Women are absolutely wonderful beings and I give every part of myself to them. I admit it, I am not some kind of altruist to give my heart selflessly without asking something in return, I am more of a hedonist using his skills to satisfy his passion for seduction and to get rewarded for that.

I crave for beautiful women and indescribable sexual excitement. I have carefully written these three last words, and that I have only used one - sex. Sex is at the bottom of my list of priorities because everything that precedes sex is worth it every moment. Excitement, difficulty breathing, shivering and trying to create a hot passionate story in which I print lines and you don't know what you can expect on the next page. The end of every story is the same or almost the same. Sex. And that is why it's the least exciting.

Be careful, maybe the next sentence will shock you and maybe you will have a horrible opinion of me, but try to understand that nothing is black and white and that everyone lives their lives with different styles, needs, and expectations. In my life, I seduced hundreds of women.

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And believe me, I do not boast with the numbers to impress anyone, but simply to make it easier for you to understand my story. I have no need for praise; after all, you do not know who I am, nor will you ever know. Unless you are a nice woman from 30 to 50 years old in central Dalmatia. Or their husband. Bad joke. I know. Anyway, all I do, I do for myself and because of my pleasures. Selfish? Maybe it is, but believe me that such a way of life has consequences on other plans in life. So far I am well, I don't complain.

Friends who know a part of my story compare me to Charlie Sheen. No drugs and alcohol. Namely, I never tried drugs, and alcohol is avoided because it only stops me in what I am the best. Seducing. But Charlie mostly pays women, things go in the opposite direction with me.

I'm not a male whore. I do not take money after sex. My story is much more complex, superficial people would compare it to gold diggers who know how to make money. Money does not matter to me. Excitement and passion are important to me, and material things are something that follows me because my lovers come from "high society". And that's why I am always smooth, sophisticated, elegant and seductive.

And now you are already thinking, what is he talking about, where are the juicy details. Usually, I would get lucky on the first night in the apartment. I rented an apartment in the luxurious complex and I hoped to find something in the home ground. I prepared to go out, I went out to the balcony to light up a cigarette, and there were two attractive Russians of middle age on the neighboring balcony. Not bad for a start. 

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I suited up nicely, and I noticed the first opportunity with the first exchange of looks. Trust me, with so many years of experience, I can recognize an opportunity with certainty. I acted shy a bit, greeted them quietly and continued watching towards the seaI heard giggles coming from them and I skillfully entered the conversation: "I hope I am not that funny?" In English of course, although I understand some Russian. My schools, jobs, and experience provided me the opportunity to learn few languages besides English, I can speak French, Italian and German fluently and I understand few more. In general, few funny comments and old tricks lead me to drinks with them in one of the local bars.

The black-haired Russian woman, the more attractive one to me, just divorced a Turk after one year of marriage which started as an adventure. She said that she needed a vacation and that she is sick of men. Ok, she is out. The second one was a pretty little blond girl, married woman of around 40, flirty and fun. That's it. I prepared the grounds because there was not a single situation for her and me to remain alone that evening, but I had a plan for tomorrow. It will be a bit tight because I agreed with my ex to meet tomorrow who just ended a long relationship and she needed consolation. "Off-the-record", because she was not my target in the vacation. 

Tomorrow. A breakfast invitation and the blond Russian arrived alone. Everything was clear. The friend was tired and she stayed to sleep. This will be easy, I just have to settle it till the evening, because I promised something perverted to my ex. I won't discover what.

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Anyway, we took a little walk after the breakfast, she discovered that her husband is a wealthy business man from Samara and that he never has time for her, but he does for various young mistresses and gold diggers. And that is why she is unhappy, but he threatened to her that she will lose everything if she left him. Of course, I already heard a bunch of those stories, and I don't care if they are true or not, I just know that I will soon kiss her all over the body. She had an appointed massage for late afternoon, but I generously offered to do it, considering that I bothered a friend who is a professional masseur to teach me that. 

Somewhere around 18 h, Olga knocked at the door. I took her in the apartment, I asked her to take her clothes off and to put on a towel. I offered her a light or somewhat stronger massage, she said: "You chose, I am all yours". She lied on a big bed, I oiled her and I started slowly. I sat behind her back, slowly going up and down to her neck. Occasionally using my fingers to go down her back instead of strong moves, I felt that it excites her. I gently moved and I went down to the legs, moving the towel up.

I massaged her thighs, first from the outside, slowly toward the inside. Until I came to a zone that would definitely determine the continuation. I slid gently from the inside upward, I was moving my fingers in a circle more and more waiting for her reaction. I felt her sigh and excitement and it was a sign that I could continue. I raised the towel and switched to the butt.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

I gently touched her, squeezed her, and she was breathing faster and louder. I went down and I continued with my lips where my hands were. I got down lower and I gently kissed her in the places where she was covered until then. She started breathing loudly, and the same time I took my clothes off and I were naked in a moment. I lied down on her, she was already wet and ready. She moaned when I penetrated her. And she was louder, much louder than the most. That turned me on even more. She enjoyed, she suddenly turned me over, threw me on the bed and set on me. She didn't go off for around 20 minutes. 

Until she has finished the job. Both her and mine. She lied down besides me and hugged me. We didn't talk at all. After some time she got up, dressed up and walked to the door. She stood and said: "I'll be back in a minute". I was a bit scared because I  had another agreement and I didn't have time for round two. She came back soon and said: "I didn't pay for the massage. It was very good. Can you squeeze me somewhere tomorrow?" and she put 500 euros in my hand. She took a hundred more and said: "And this is a tip. Tomorrow at the same time? Is it enough"?

As soon as Olga got out, I rushed to the shower to prepare for going out. There was a long night in front of me. Pro bono. Ex girlfriend was not my target, remember?"

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