Sex games in Serbian hospital: Director found a nurse and a lover in action, he escaped to the basement, she took a sick leave

They were caught during the night shift and a disciplinary procedure was started against the nurse because she "forced" him to play the patient

A very interesting event in General Hospital in Serbian town Leskovac has marked a weekend behind us, where the director of the facility N.D. caught a nurse and her lover in sexual ecstasy.

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Unannounced night tour resulted in disciplinary procedure, reports Leskovac news.

The director found a nurse from the Department of Neurology and her nude lover in one of the offices during working hours, which greatly disturbed them, said the eyewitnesses, considering the fact that the lovers started running.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/BSIP

- I must admit that I did not expect such a scene. It was very unpleasant! - told the director of the hospital to the local media.

The lover covered himself over the head up from shame, even though his genitals were flashing around, so he started running. The security workers found him naked in the basement, where he was hidden, thinking that he might be a burglar - said the well-informed source and the ashamed nurse already "escaped" to the sick leave, after being informed that disciplinary actions will be started and she might lose her job.

It is certain that no one will think about having sex in a hospital after this case, and it is said that this isn't the first case this has happened.

The lover, who is from Bobiste, is not a worker of a hospital, and a forty-year-old nurse "seduced" him on her work place, asking him to play the patient, and she severely violated the work ethics.


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