Tour guide attacked a girl from Nis (17) on Zakynthos, she ended up in a cast: He twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit of apartment and threw her out on the street (PHOTO)

The guide confessed his mistake to the father of the girl and said that he was under stress because he was leading the group which was connected to the murder of American on Zakynthos

Vladimir Petkovic from Nis sent a request for compensation to one tourist agency in Belgrade because of their guide S.K. who attacked and injured his seventeen-year-old daughter A.P. (17) during the summer on Zakynthos. The girl sustained injuries on her upper arm, but she also strained her leg because of which she spent the remaining part of the holiday in the cast, and orthosis were placed again when she returned to Nis.

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Petkovic says the incident occurred on July 24 in Laganas, where the girl first traveled to her first independent holiday.

- She traveled to Zakynthos on 18 July where few of her friends arrived over different agency a few days later. They weren't in the same Villa so she asked the guide of that agency if they could visit each other and he approved it. That night, the girl was listening to the music in the yard of the villa, but the guild asked them to turn it off because it was too late.

My daughter continued to sing and he threatened that he will hit her if she doesn't stop. She didn't take him seriously and said:

"Hit me, the insurance will pay for it", and the children started laughing.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The guide got angry, he slapped in her head, and he then twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit and threw her out on the street. When she fell down on the concrete, she received injuries on her hands and she sprained her leg, so the friends took her to the infirmary where she received a shot and cast was put which she wore till the end of summer - said the bitter father and adds that she had to put orthosis when she returned from Nis.

Vladimir said that he heard from the man who attacked his daughter.

- He confessed his mistake and said that he was under stress because he was leading the group which was connected to the murder of American on Zakynthos. However, that was not satisfactory, especially because not even him, nor anyone else from the agency came to see my daughter after the injury - Vladimir said.

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

The Petkovic family's lawyer, Nemanja Dikic, announced that he had filed a complaint with the tourist inspection and sent a warning to the agency in order to obtain a compensation.

If the agency doesn't respond, I will file a lawsuit against them and against the guide - said Dikic.

The agency, which Petkovic think to be responsible for this, claims that they know nothing about this.

- That girl is not our traveler and we are not responsible for her. The man you are talking about is not our worker, he was hired by our Greek partner - said the official in the telephone conversation.

The guide S.K. said responded with the message about this event to the reporter that nothing that Petkovic said was true. However, he refuses to say what happened and how the girl was injured.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.R.)

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