It is difficult for the Croats to say thank you, their beaches are painful, and they lie: What are the tourists from all over the world complaining about on the Adriatic coast

Expensive wines, all the clubs are the same, bad connection between islands, are just some of the complaints by the tourists

Your food is great, your sea gorgeous, and the landscapes are breathtaking. Croatia and its coast receive these kinds of praises in the past few years from the tourists and from the foreign media. But, the same tourists have complaints, and of course, it's never pleasant hearing them.  

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The newspaper "Slobodna Dalmacija" singled out several social media commentators and talked with tourist agents to find out what tourists in Croatia are most concerned about.

- Tourists don't like that most of the restaurants don't take credit cards, especially on the islands. They eat in the restaurant and then they have to go searching for some ATM on the island. They are also used on splitting the bill on more cards, and they can rarely do that anywhere. They can't pay with cards in galleries, gift shops, cafes...

- Foreigners don't understand why the domestic wines are so expensive, which are good, but they are still not on the level of the prices they have.

Foto: Wikipedia/Florian Hirzinger

- The guests I meet mostly have deeper pockets and they are surprised by the lack of real casinos, and they notice that the night clubs are all the same, the same music is played everywhere, there is nothing for the guests with a bit refined taste.

- I always wonder where to send the guests on this part of the coast to have fun in the evening, they don't want to listen to house music, they would rather listen to the jazz or blues, guitar with cocktails... We have guests who would like to dress classy and to go to some "classy" place - said the manager Catipovic, while Filip Voloder from the hostel "Tchaikovsky" us mentioning some other complaints.

- Young tourists who are staying with us are complaining about the bad connection between the islands (island hopping). It is a trend today to stay one or two days in every place and to move on. That's like with island, tourists would want to go from one island to another, and the connection is often bad and they would have to go to the main land to catch a ferry to go to some place they would like to visit.

Also, they complain about the bad railways, lots of guests used to travel by trains because it is cheaper and they have Interrail card, which means they pay one ticket and they can travel all around the Europe. Germany and Italy have great railways, but it can be freely said that they are a disaster here - said Voloder.

Foto: Wikimedia/Flickr/Chris Brown

- I have contact with tourists every day and they often say that Croats are overly conservative, they are amazed by some medieval understandings of our citizens when they come in contact with them - said Filip Voloder, the tour guide.

Also, they are increasingly complaining about the rudeness. There were the cases when rent-a-car charged them for non-existent costs. Also, one of the main things they complain the most are taxi drivers and drastically different prices for the same relation. For example, tourists when they come with me or with rented cars, and they rent an apartment on Znjan and Brda, the residents ask them to move their cars from public parking because they have been parking there for years - said Vuka.

This is what tourists say about their complaints.

- I was two weeks on Hvar, Vis, and Split. This is my second time in Croatia, but I think I won't be back. I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way. Croatia is a wonderful country, but the behavior of people is pathetic and arrogant. It's true, I have met some pleasant locals, but those are exceptions. Wherever I went I praised the hospitality of the hosts, but why is Croatia so different? - one tourist asks herself.

Panorama Rijeke Foto: N. Ivanovski

- My biggest misconception about Croatia was that this country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. That was wrong! If you are traveling to Croatia, I hope you like stones, lots of sharp stones ... Those beaches are painful for walking and lying. Croatia is beautiful, but it's not enough - another tourist writes.

- The Croats remained in my memory as unkind. When we visited Rab, we asked what was the easiest way to go to Split, and the guy there just said "Good luck".

The second example was when were at the beach taking photos, and one Croat started throwing rocks at us because we were in the way of him taking photos. It is important to say that the entire beach was open and he could move. My husband went to him to tell him to stop throwing rocks at us, and then he became aggressive, he grabbed by husbands hands.

Then we went to the table, and his teenage daughter kept showing us the finger and she screamed at us. The owner of the hotel told us that people here are a bit crazy because of the war, but that was too much for me, said a lady on her blog and thousands of people have read it, some even changed their minds and they won't travel to Croatia.

Foto: Wikipedia/Dani Tic


One family complained about the service of a hotel in Losinj.

- The receptionist was very rude. The photos on the internet the hotel uses for advertisement were not correct. The hotel doesn't deserve a single star. When they put us in our room, it was very dirty and no one has cleaned it during our stay. No one has changed our sheets in five days. They told us in the hotel that the maid was too busy. We got coffee for breakfast from a local market. Do not stay in this hotel - said the family, while the other one is complaining about the hotel in Brac.

- Staying in this hotel was one of the most terrible life decisions I have ever made. The owner of the hotel is the rudest person I have ever met in my life. He just wants money from you, that is the only thing that interests him, and he offers nothing in return. The food is terrible, everything is dirty, and the things they offer in the pages of the hotel doesn't even exist in the hotel. For example, they said that they had the gym, but they don't. Wellness and spa don't exist. There was no hot water in the bathroom. When we said that to the owner, he didn't care, he was just threatening us with the police if we didn't pay the full price - said the family, while others in the comments say that the owner is a "thief" and to take a photo of the room because the owner usually asks from the guests to pay for the stains on the wall that were there before.

Foto: Wikipedia/Szabolcs Emich

- We asked for clean towels, they responded with "why"... I recommend this hotel only to masochists - said the guests of the Brac "hotel of horror".


- The guests are complaining and wondering why free walks are not allowed, and they are everywhere else in the world. Birocracy is not allowing it, and they are often better than the classic tours with the guides, because young, creative people are working here, and classic tours are done by older people with obsolete licenses. There, for example, Belgrade has great free walking tours and tourists love them - said Filip Voloder from the hotel 'Tchaikovsky".

Foto: Wikimedia/Edwardwexler

- Photos of Split show a much more luxurious version of the city than the one I have seen live. Some parts of the city look more like Syrian Alep - said David Bryant of New York, and others joined him, stating that the center of the city of Split is beautiful, but the environment is a town-planning chaos.


- Increasing rudeness: "It's hard for the Croatians to say thank you", "They get mad when we ask them something and they make a grumpy face"

- Lack of parking space

- Tourist workers don't know where to send tourists when they are bored with the beach and swimming

- Too much traffic on the road and the lack of infrastructure

- Garbage all around

Foto: Profimedia

- The stench coming from restaurants in the center of the city, and they haven't worked out the adequate ventilation problem and disposal of garbage

- Lack of nicer restaurants

- Monotonous offer in restaurants

- Too expensive domestic wines

- Lack of clubs offering classic music

- Photos of the accommodations do not meet the real accommodations

Foto: Tanjug/HINA

- Garbage on the beaches and inadequate emptying of the trash containers

- Speed boats too close to the swimmers

- Bad connections between the islands

- Bad connection with railways

- Different prices of taxi for the same relation and not giving receipt

- Bad sewerage system in the apartments

(Telegraf.co.uk / Source: Slobodna Dalmacija)

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