Confidential document of the CIA and the BND from 1977: Here's what remains of Serbia after the split of the SFRY and the division into the colonies (PHOTO)

The secret CIA document labeled CONFIDENTIAL, allegedly created in Munich in 1977 between agents of the US intelligence agency and the German Federal Intelligence Service, envisages the division of the SFRY into colonies

Many theorists and historians see the influence of secret services in the breakup of the second Yugoslavia, primarily those from the West. The document that appeared on social networks shows that the agreement of the US CIA and the German BND Federal Intelligence Service divides SFRY into three colonies, that is, interest spheres and ultimately small and impaired Serbia. A similar model of the division was made during the Second World War.

The situation is stirring up on the Balkans, Bosnians warned Croats: We will declare sovereignty in the part of the Adriatic if you continue like this! (PHOTO)

The secret CIA document labeled CONFIDENTIAL appeared on social networks, allegedly created in Munich in 1977 between agents of the US intelligence agency and the German Federal Intelligence Service, envisages the division of the SFRY into colonies.

According to this document, big powers would divide the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the following way:

- Slovenia, continental Croatia, Istria, as well as western and northern Bosnia and Herzegovina would go to Germany and would be its colony;

- The South of Croatia, Dalmatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija, part of the Raska region, the south of Serbia and Macedonia would belong to the United States and would be its colony;

- Vojvodina without southern Banat would belong to Hungary and would be under its occupation;

- Independent Serbia would get the remains of today's territory, namely central Serbia without southern Serbia and part of Vojvodina around Pancevo and Vrsac.

The CIA dealt with the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1970s, the entire 10 years before the death of the lifelong and undisputed leader of the SFRY - Josip Broz Tito.

As we already wrote in last December, the CIA published its maps on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the intelligence cartographic center.

An intriguing report can be read from them which speaks of strengthening of decentralization and predicts that "stability in the post-Soviet era" is not clear. Namely, the maps of the SFRY have been appearing since 1981, after Tito's death, because the CIA was already aware in 1970 that Yugoslavia would collapse. 

The division of Yugoslavia into interest spheres has already been done once in history. The occupation and division of Yugoslavia in the Second World War (1941) was carried out by the German, Italian, Bulgarian and Hungarian occupying forces. In accordance with the policy of Axis forces, Yugoslavia was then liquidated as a state.

In contrast to international law, occupiers, in the central parts of the country, formed three state protectorates (marionettes) - the Independent State of Croatia, Nedic's Serbia and the Independent State of Montenegro, in which the Yugoslav peoples retained some form of quasi-statehood in the new Hitler order, while the peripheral parts of Yugoslavia were simply annexed by neighboring Fascist states - Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania (which itself was the Italian protectorate).


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