They walked by the river Sava and then the enormous catfish jumped out and ate their bulldog? The incredible story from Zagreb continues!

A catfish weighing several hundred kilos was noticed in the last several days near the coast of Sava river

At least two meters long and several hundred kilos catfish is swimming in Sava river in Zagreb, and it is believed that it is the same catfish who attacked and ate a dog - French bulldog, six years ago.

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Girl from Zagreb, who took a picture of the catfish, claims that it is the same fish that attacked and pulled her dog into the river six years ago, 14 kilos heavy female French Bulldog.

As she said for Jutarnji List, her husband was walking their dog six years ago, precisely at these hours. She was running in shallow waters at the coast. Near the railway bridge, better known as Hendrix bridge, the dog was suddenly dragged into the water. The husband of our interviewee immediately jumped into the water but there was no sign of the dog. 

He told his wife everything that happened when he came home and they concluded it was a big catfish, considering that we are talking about the giant fish that often attack smaller animals, like birds, even rats. B.V. has been warning the dog owners about the giant river beast, but rarely anyone believed her. However, she finally got the photo of the fish.

- Catfish are especially active now because they started feeding more before the winter came, and it is not rare seeing them near the coast. She published the photo on Facebook and one fisherman from Serbia contacted them, saying that it could be up to 150 kilos - she said.

Foto: Wikipedia/Srđan Popović

Fishing expert Danijel Vignjevic, the author of numerous articles on fishes and fishing, said that it is a really big specimen judging by the photo.

- Although it is difficult to estimate, it is a very large catfish, a length of at least two meters. The weight could have exceeded a hundred kilos, says Vignjevic, who reveals that it is not impossible for such a big fish to drag small pets to the depths.

He saw larger specimens mostly on the Sava river near the Heating plant, but it was not uncommon for them to get into the shallow water and to approach the coast in search of food. Catfish are actually very dangerous river predators, and in some cases, they can grow to weigh more than 300 kilograms.


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