Mystery and symbolism of the snake at the doors of the Serbian church: You won't see this anywhere, and what do the words on the gate mean? (PHOTO)

Door handle is at the gate of Saint Nikola in Kistanje

We found something unusual at the gate of the church of Saint Nikola in Kistanje near Knin. We are used to various iconostasis carvings, but we believe that you haven't seen anything like this. A snake has been carved on the door handle of this holy shrine. 

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Father Jovan explained why is this animal at the very entrance to the church

"Be wise like the snake!", Jesus Christ said! I believe that it is connected to this carving. An object from nature are often taken to decorate something with certain style - father Jovan said.

Foto: Telegraf

People of Kistanje didn't pay much attention to this detail, but as they say, they are glad that this church is transmitting the worlds of Jesus Christ.

I didn't notice the snake on the handle. The gate is always wide open, so I didn't pay attention to it. I am glad that you have noticed that detail, I always knew that this church is special in its own way - one of the locals said.

Namely, being wise like the snake means we can't allow the snakes to cross us and to take us to evil away from salvation, that is from Christ.

Foto: Telegraf

Scepter is a decorated metal rod that is given to the orthodox bishop, as a symbol of authority and care for his flock.

There is a snake with two heads at the top of the scepter, as a symbol of wisdom, and there is a cross between them.

- Who tricked Eva to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge? Well, the snake. There are two decorated snakes on the bishop's staff, or scepter, they are the symbol of wisdom - said father Jovan.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Kristina Bezbradica)

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