Vucic certain Serbia emerges from recession this year

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is certain that this year Serbia will emerge from recession, and that in 2016 Serbia will be one of the most successful countries in the region


Vucic said in his address at the Reality Check conference organized by the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) that if the interest rates, which had to be paid in the previous period, were excluded, Serbia would have had a budget surplus after many years.

“If we exclude the paying of interest rates in the first four months, budget surplus stands at RSD 32.4 billion,” Vucic said.

IMF: Serbia in recession through 2015, to recover in 2016

As for Serbia's economic growth, Vucic noted that he expects that it will go to zero percent at the end of the year from the initially forecasted minus one percent, and then minus 0.5 percent.

“We will not be in recession, I am certain that we will emerge from it as early as in 2015, and that in 2016 Serbia will be one of the most successful countries in the region,” Vucic said.

The prime minister underlined that the Serbian government will continue to implement the program with the IMF since that is good for our country.

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Gov’t will try to save 16 biggest firms

BELGRADE, May 7 (Tanjug) – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Thursday that the government would try to save the country’s 16 biggest firms, which employ the most people, adding that he believed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would give Serbia one year to complete that job.

“We will attempt to save these firms even quicker, but we will give ourselves a deadline of one year to be on the safe side,” Vucic told journalists after the fifth Reality Check Conference, organized by the Foreign Investors Council in Belgrade today.

Deadline for privatization of enterprises should be extended!

He said that the privatization issue was currently Serbia’s biggest challenge, as the support for the job was insufficient.

The 16 firms that we will try to save include, among others, the chemical industry ones, Petoletka - that Germans and Italians are interested in, and FAP and Simpo, said Vucic.

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