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THIS IS TITO'S BIGGEST SECRET AND SHAME: Here's how General Draza was cruelly executed without JUDGEMENT! (PHOTO)

The Chetnik General was killed, against all codes in the history of world justice, because he did not get the chance to see a written explanation of the judgment, but was shot two days after the publication of the verbal death penalty

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General of the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic was sentenced to death penalty by firing squad and stripped of all civil rights, which is a legal precedent that has never been recorded in the history of justice in the world! In fact, he was killed without a verdict and without the right of an appeal!

The death sentence against General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic was adopted on July 17, 1946 and with it, the Chetnik commander was deprived of all civil rights and the right to appeal!

GENERAL DRAZA won the war against the Communists: Serbia rehabilitated Dragoljub Mihailovic, Tito's biggest enemy!

The legal scandal is that the Chetnik leader Draza was shot just two days after the publication of the judgment and interpretation,  and that the written decision made only a year later!

Foto: Album srpskih četnika generala Draže Mihailovića u 1000 slika

Foto: Album srpskih četnika generala Draže Mihailovića u 1000 slika

Oliver Antic, a proxy promoter for the rehabilitation of the Commander of the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland, expressing the final word from the Upper Court in Belgrade said that the process of Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic, in which the communist government condemned him to death by firing squad, was a legal scandal without precedent.

SERBIA CORRECTS HISTORIC INJUSTICE : Draza Mihajlovic is going to be rehabilitated and given all civil rights?

Antic said that after Mihailovic's arrest on March 13, 1946 in Ozni, he was subject to torture and ill-treatment, which, as he said,
was not imposted on the worst Nazis.

- Since there was no judgment in the original, this is a criminal act of murder - said Antic.

Foto: Miloslav Samardžić/Album Đenerala Draže

Foto: Miloslav Samardžić/Album Đenerala Draže

According to him, only a year later were three judgmenta written out, each of which had significant legal shortcomings.

Antic, consequently the adviser to the President of the Republic, highlights that Mihailovic had no right to appeal, which is one of the fundamental human rights dating since ancient Rome.

- Even 100 years before the legal system in Serbia there existed a three-stage process when it came to the death penalty. The judgment confirmed by the Supreme Court was sent to the prince - reminds Antic.


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