Lady Gaga came to Belgrade with 17 suitcases! (PHOTO)

The singer arrived in Belgrade with a regular commercial flight from Zurich, and immediately went to see her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney

American music star, Lady Gaga, arrived in Belgrade last night around 7 pm. She came to Serbia to see her fiancé Taylor Kinney , who is filming a movie in our country titled ” The Forest ”.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE : Lady Gaga in Belgrade, have a look at the pictures from the airport (PHOTO)

As we've unofficially come to know, the singer is staying in the presidential suite of the hotel "Hyatt" and with her came a hefty baggage of 17 suitcases!

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

To make things more interesting, although it is logical to expect that Gaga would come to Belgrade in a private plane, like most of her colleagues, she landed at the Airport "Nikola Tesla" with a regular commercial flight, Zurich-Belgrade.

Given that this is a classic Gastarbeiter and folk route, it would not surprise us if some of our singers who had concerts during the weekend in Switzerland begin boasting that they were on the same plane with one of the world's most popular singers.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Otherwise, it is assumed that Gaga came to Serbia to spend a few days (her next concert is on June 8th in London) with Kinney who plays the leading male role in the film "The Forest". Given that his co-star is Natalie Dormer from the "Game of Thrones", tabloids speculate that Gaga's jealousy sparked up...


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