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I DREAM OF MOM AND DAD EVERY NIGHT AND YEARN TO SEE THEM AGAIN: This boy from Syria came to Belgrade from Damascus all by himself!

"Every night he cries when he thinks that we can not see him. It's heartbreaking when you hear him sobbing"

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Little Syrian boy Abdul Karim Faris (10) walked alone, without any family members, almost 2,500 kilometers from Damascus to Belgrade. Little Abdul, who is currently residing in a park near the bus station in Belgrade, says that his father sent him as the youngest male child in the family.

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- My dad just said, "Leave son, save yourself," and he remained in Damascus to take care of my brothers and sisters. He told me to go to Germany and that he will find me there. Every night I dream of him and my mother, and long to see them again - begins the shocking confession of this brave boy.

We were in a litter of asylum seekers in the center of Belgrade: Here’s what we found there (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

This boy is a favorite among the group of refugees that came from Presevo to Belgrade yesterday in 40 buses. Before that, it took him four months to get to Gevgelija, where he survived hell in the police clash. And then to the Macedonian-Serbian border all the way to the Serbian capital ...

Even though the older bunch look after him and try to be there for him, he is still alone, without anyone of his own.

Group of illegal Iraqi migrants seek asylum in Serbia

Foto: Informer/Peđa Milosavljević

Foto: Informer/Peđa Milosavljević

- I went through a lot before I got here! The hardest part was last weekend when we were in Macedonia trying to enter Serbia. The police pushed and beat us, people were falling, children were crying. Never in my life was I that scared - says Abdul Kerim.

Although he is going through his own tough time, he still worries about his parents, brothers and sisters.

BELGRADE IN ARABIC: Due to the vast number of asylum seekers, caterers write inscriptions in their language! (PHOTO)

- I'm afraid bombs will kill them. In my country, a war is waging, it's horrible, I keep asking myself whether I will see them again, my loved ones. And if I get to Germany, how will they find me there? - Asks the boy.

While all the refugees have their own anguish, they too are distressed about the fate of small Abdullah. They say it is most terrifying at night, when he starts yelling for his parents.

Foto: Informer/Peđa Milosavljević

Foto: Informer/Peđa Milosavljević

- We feel sorry for the boy. We see how scared he is and how much he misses his family. Every night he cries when he thinks that he can not see him. It's heartbreaking to hear him sobbing. We tried to get in touch with his parents, but unsuccessfully. Who knows what happened to them. When we were in Greece, he got sick, his throat hurt and he had a high fever. We were scared for him - tells Hamad Ahmet from Damascus.

Together with a group of men who care about him, Abdul will head towards Hungary, and from there - Germany.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

- He is resilient, he goes with us as if he's a grown up. Poor child, he has no other choice. Whatever happens, there is no choice. Whatever happens, we will not leave him. United we will stand - said the Syrians in unison who take care of little Abdul Kerim.

According to the Interior Ministry's data, since the beginning of the year a total of 9,000 children have sought asylum in Serbia. One third of them are unaccompanied by parents. Many have registered, while the number of children who did not report themselves is several times higher.


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