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My phone, Viber, and Skype kept ringing for 3 days: Confession of a Serb who became a WORLD STAR (PHOTO)

Darko Milićević captured the interest of the world after he made a solar panel out of beer cans, and he claims that he will report everything himself when he makes something "really powerful"

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After we published the story about the professor of Math and IT Darko Milićević from the city of Paraćin who made a solar panel out of beer cans to see if this alternative heating system really works, this professor became the center of attention for many domestic and foreign media.


He used 44 cans of beer to make an apparatus which provides heat FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE! (PHOTO)


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Telegraf internet portal wanted to find out what his opinion is about becoming world famous.


And this is his answer.


- For 3 days all my phones, Viber, and Skype kept ringing. I completely lost myself in it. I spent days trying to explain that I was just a regular man, that I was not some inventor or anything like that. The thing that really means to me is that now if I want to publish something, I know how to do it. If I make something really good, I will definitely tell you - said professor Milićević.


On his Facebook profile he wrote that he passed Mensa test but that he "does not think of himself as a genius bigger than any other man who spends his free time on a hobby".


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


We had the chance to that professor Milićević has a lot of hobbies when we talked to him last time.


Besides being a Mensa member with his IQ level bigger than 150, one of his hobbies is making a family tree.


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


- My father's mother was from Srem, northern Serbia, and he used to tell me how he liked to go there, and he told me about all the family members he remembered. When creating a family tree a useful thing is to be part of social networks because that is how I found many relatives and connected with them. On the other hand, my father's dad was from this area, from the village of Striža. That family tree line goes from the family name Milić when we all got the last name Milićević. This happened in the 19. century when the ruler Miloš Obrenović made the law that a son could not get his last name after his father, but that it will be shared in the family. In that way, the son of Milić got his last name Milićević. There are many still empty fields in my two family trees which need to be filled in - concluded this professor from the city of Paraćin.



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