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Man "waves gun" in front of reporter during live broadcast! (DISTURBING VIDEO)

An unknown man holding what is believed to be a gun on Friday morning approached an RTV crew during live broadcast

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The crew of the provincial public broadcaster in Vojvodina was reporting live from a green market in the city of Novi Sad when a man approached them and waved the gun in front of the crew before running away.


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All the people watching RTV morning program could have seen this incident because the report was going live.


After the man ran away, the reporter remained calm enough to finish reporting.


RTV television agency has filed an official complaint to the Department of Interior Affairs, stating that the incident was yet another warning that the safety of journalists needs to be greatly improved.


It is still unclear whether the object was a real gun or just an imitation firearm.


See the video here:




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  • Petra

    January 15, 2016 | 15:45

    Na oba snimka isto vreme u sekund


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