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THIEVES IN THE SEMINARY BIT THE WARDEN AND took 10.000 Euro, students "arrested" them! Details of the fight Serbia is talking about

Students of the seminary in the town of Sremski Karlovci prevented a robbery of the school vault yesterday morning by "arresting" two assailants. Here are the details of the school drama

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Students of the seminary in the town of Sremski Karlovci prevented a robbery of the school vault yesterday morning by "arresting" two assailants.


ROBBERY LIKE IN A MOVIE: Members of Special forces of Republic of Srpska were arrested, they stole 600.000 CM from an armored car!


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The two thieves had first attacked the warden of the school Miloš Cvetković and bit him on the arm.


According to the "Blic" news agency, the arrested are N.M (29) and D.K. (42) from the city of Sremska Mitrovica.


They went into the school building around 10 o'clock in the morning waving the plastic gun.


They attacked Cvetković and tried to extort the money from him.


First they beat him, and when the students from the classroom nearby heard the fight, they rushed in to help fight against the assailants.


Foto-ilustracija: Milena Đorđević

Foto-ilustracija: Milena Đorđević


- One of the thieves bit the warden on his left arm. We broke into the room and went on top of them. The plastic gun they used literally fell apart - says one of the hero-students.


The student add that they heard Cvetković shouting "robbery, robbery" and that they all helped and overcame the assailants very fast.


- When we rushed toward them, one of them tried to run away, but we caught him in the hallway near the entrance door - said the students.


Foto: Wikipedia/ w:User:Alexzr88

Foto: Wikipedia/ w:User:Alexzr88


It was confirmed in the Provincial hospital of Vojvodina province that Cvetković was mildly injured and that he was released for home treatment.


Police came relatively fast to the crime scene, while the students were keeping the thieves locked in the premises of the school.


The aim of the robbery was the vault of the seminary since there were around 10.000 Euro present.


- The students pay 100 Euro per month for the boarding school and here we have around 100 of them. A couple of days earlier they paid the money for this month. The attackers knew that the safe was full - said the source from the school.


There is a reasonable doubt that the attackers had another helper from Sremska Mitrovica and according to the police, he was the brain behind the attack.


(Telegraf.co.uk / Source: Blic)

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