IT WAS TERRIFYING, EVERYONE AROUND US KEPT SCREAMING: Confession of a Serb who witnessed the earthquake on New Zealand (VIDEO)

- The ground shook a bit at one moment, and then a major quake ensued. We did not know what came upon us - said a Belgrade resident Darko Ponjiger who moved to this country in 2014

Darko Ponjiger (37) from Belgrade, currently living in New Zealand was making barbecue in a park with 5 other Serbian families when a major earthquake (5.7 degrees Richter scale) struck this country.

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- My wife and me went with kids to the Sunday picnic in Spencer park, about 5 km far from the epicenter. We were roasting some barbecue meat with some friends and the kids were running around. At one moment the earth shook a bit, and then a major quake occurred. Local people started screaming and we did not know what came upon us - said Darko for Blic news agency.

Darko moved to New Zealand in 2014 in order to help rebuilding houses destroyed in 2011 earthquake when 185 people, among them one Serbian resident, died.


- We are thrilled with our life here. My wife and me both have residence permits and we both work, our kids made friends and learned the language. The quakes are the only problem - said he.

Just to remind, the strongest earthquake happened on February 14, it lasted about 10 seconds, after which around 40 smaller quakes ensued.

According to Darko, no one was hurt in the park but all the people were in panic.

Take a look at the video:


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