THE CREEPIEST YOUTUBE VIDEO: How Germany could have won in the WWII? (VIDEO)

After watching this video you can realize that our freedom was bound on a tight thread all the time and that it depended on a series of events that could have easily played differently

Alternative history is one of the most popular genres today. People just love the "What if..?" stories.

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Who can blame them for that, for this reality escape, when the reality is dreary like this?

Of course, there are those who take a creepy turn while talking about these events.

We are not talking about the people who wonder what would have happened if Germany had won the World War II because these people remind us to be happy because they did not win.

The problem are the people who wonder how could have this happened, what should they have done to change the ultimate result.

The behavior of these people is what is really creepy, especially because it reminds us that our freedom was bound on a tight thread all the time and that it depended on a series of events that could have easily played differently.

Opsada Lenjingrada. Foto: Wikipedia

Opsada Lenjingrada. Foto: Wikipedia

Video at the end of this text is dealing with the mixture of reality and fantasy.

There are many real events in it, and those which did not happen were marked red.

We took them out.

What could have happened differently and that we were to live all together in enslaved Serbia?

Let us take it from the top.

In 1940 the British deciphered the Enigma machine, but in the alternative course of events Germans found out about this and changed the coding system.

Foto: Wikipedia/Boris Kudoyarov / Борис Кудояров

Foto: Wikipedia/Boris Kudoyarov / Борис Кудояров

In June of the same year, after they attacked France, Germans did not stop at Dunkirk and they did not let  the British take their soldiers back to the island (this episode is probably the most bizarre one in the WWII because it is completely inexplicable).

Consequence: Instead of having 350.000 soldiers in Great Britain, like it really happened, they were all killed or captured.

At the same time, Italians conquered Malta by bombarding and invading; this did not happen in reality.

On October 28, 1940, Italy did not invade Greece; that would happen 6 months after, during the attack on Yugoslavia where - like in reality - there was a putsch created by British agents.

On January 22, 1941, British forces attacked the city of Tobruk in Libya but the Italians had the back-up forces in Albania and they managed to overcome them.

Ervin Romel. Foto: Wikipedia/German Federal Archives

Ervin Romel. Foto: Wikipedia/German Federal Archives

In this alternative scenario, Japan did not sign the treaty with the USSR on April 13, and because of the Russian forces being in Manchuria, they did not move them to the boundary with Germany - we are talking about 2 million soldiers, 1200 tanks, and 250 airplanes.

On June 22, Germany did not attack USSR but it continued bombarding British cities.

That is why they were able to send the additional forces to Africa and to win the battle of El-Alamein in December 1941.

The British lost Alexandria and Egypt, and the Germans and Italians take the Suez pass under their thumb.

Without Malta, Alexandria, Crete, and Suez, British marines leave the Mediterranean, and the Italian forces start the operations on the Atlantic.

Japanski napad na Perl Harbur. Foto: Official U.S. Navy Photograph

Japanski napad na Perl Harbur. Foto: Official U.S. Navy Photograph

Japanese forces do not attack the Americans in Pearl Harbor, so the USA did not enter the WWII.

On April 10, 1942, operation "Barbarossa" commences with the main goal of taking down Moscow; everything goes well in this scenario, and Soviet troops are surrendering; it should be said that things were like this in the reality too, especially in the first six months of the war.

However, in this alternative course of history it is extremely important that the attack on Moscow started on time; in reality, it had started way too late, because of autumn rains and mud where Germans were stuck.

Let us go back to the fantasy: on September 20, 1942, Moscow was surrounded and they surrendered 20 days after.

Russians tried the counter-attack during the winter with a great help of Allied forces, but they did not succeed.

Foto: Wikimedia/German Federal Archive

Foto: Wikimedia/German Federal Archive

In spring 1943, Germans start a new offensive, with the mountain Caucasus as the goal.

They surround the Stalingrad but they do not invade. On August 28 they captured the city of Baku and the oil fields.

On 9/11 1943 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed the American carriers (in reality, they were left intact because they left the harbor a day before) and without them, Americans
would not stand the chance.

America goes into war, but since Allies do not have the support at sea, there was no landing in Morocco in April 1944.

On May 1944, the Eastern front is settled on Volga river, and Germans stopped attacking and started defending themselves.

Allied forces are preparing the D day, scheduled for June 6, 1945.

Adolf Hitler u Sudetima nakon pripajanja tog dela Čehoslovačke. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Das Bundesarchiv

Adolf Hitler u Sudetima nakon pripajanja tog dela Čehoslovačke. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Das Bundesarchiv

The Germans are successfully making the rockets that can reach the eastern shores of the USA.

They managed to make an atom-bomb in Norway, just a couple of months before the Americans.

On 25 of the same month, the A-bomb was successfully tested in in the desert near the Murzuq oasis.

On June 1, 1945 Germans nuked Stalingrad. The result: 80.000 victims.

The Allied forces postponed the invasion, USSR surrenders on June 8.

Ten days later, Allied forces and the Germans decided to end the war; on September 2, on Yalta, the same people signed the peace treaty.

WWII is over.

Do you know what is the creepiest thing of all?

If the theory of parallel universes is correct, then there is a parallel universe where this is possible and had happened exactly in this way.


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